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You probably know that doing a job search involves things like tweaking your resume, sharpening your interview skills, networking and improving your LinkedIn profile.

But, as you can tell from the title, this program isn’t about all those practical things you must do to find a new job.

It can’t be… not with section titles like “Get Closer To The Divine” and “Access Your Inner Wisdom.”  

Why You Need This Program
It's true, you won't get advice on how many pages your resume should be or the best way to answer interview questions like, "What's your greatest weakness?"  (Which is the kind of information I've included in two books, hundreds of articles and my other career-related courses on Udemy.)  Yet, the holistic and philosophical concepts in Your Job Search Is A Spiritual Journey will definitely speed results & make your life more meaningful.

That's because when you have clarity, you speak with more clarity about what you want, and people respond to you better because it’s clear to them what you want.

It’s also because when you emanate positive energy and joyful intent, you become more attractive to others.  They want to be around you.  They want to help you.  They want to hire you.

This program is meant to supplement your job search efforts.  The videos are all under 5 minutes long, so you can dip in and get some quick inspiration.  Each section comes with exercises that are designed to make the information more interactive and to help you process the concepts at a more personal level.

During the program, you will see how to:

  • Release and reframe the dissatisfaction from your past or current employment situation
  • Use the practice of gratitude to your advantage
  • Gain clarity about your wants and needs in regard to success
  • Quickly assess your own uniqueness
  • Think creatively about your options for doing meaningful work in the world
  • Build some support for yourself during your job search and the career path ahead
  • Get some easy-to-use tools to access your inner wisdom and set your vision into motion

Conscious Career
Everything you go through in your life, including your job search, is part of your spiritual journey.  In this program, we will look at how you can use your job search to open your eyes and see who you really are and what you’re meant to be doing with your life.

This program is for you if want a "Conscious Career"... which means choosing and doing work that is in alignment with your authentic self.  

And it's for you whether you are currently looking for a job or thinking of looking for something new.  Either way, you will find inspiration and support to keep you moving forward. 

Note:  References are made to various spiritual traditions throughout this course because it is recognized that many spiritual roads lead to Divine Truth.  No one particular religion or philosophy is preferred or recommended.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone looking for a job or thinking of looking for a job

  • None

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to release and reframe the dissatisfaction from your past or current employment situation
  • See how to use the practice of gratitude to your advantage
  • Gain clarity about your wants and needs in regard to success
  • Quickly assess your own uniqueness
  • Think creatively about your options for doing meaningful work in the world
  • Get ideas about how to build support for yourself during your job search & the career path ahead
  • Take away some tools you can use immediately to access your inner wisdom and set your vision into motion
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Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 33 Lectures 01:46:37 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 04:41 Welcome to Your Job Search Is A Spiritual Journey!   ______________________________

Statistics Cited In The Introduction

90% of employees now recognize that they're responsible for managing their own financial futures compared to only 8% who say it's their employers' responsibility and 2% who say it's up to the government. 

Source article: 

Introduction - Your Job Search Is A Spiritual Journey Preview 04:41 + – The Dark Night 3 Lectures 08:47

Spiritual Negation

Angela explores the origin and meaning of going through the "dark night of the soul."

Spiritual Negation 04:26

Processing Your Dissatisfaction

Sometimes what seems like chaos is really not.

And are you open to the idea that blessings can come out of your periods of dissatisfaction?

Processing Your Dissatisfaction 04:21

Scroll all the way down for instructions on how to download this document.


THE TOOL:  Capture, Release & Shift

Use the "Capture, Release & Shift" tool to help you process any spiritual negation or dissatisfaction you might have been feeling about your career situation.  

Here’s the way it works… 

In part one, you will reflect on what has made you feel stuck.  

In part two, you will release what has made you feel stuck.  

And, finally, in part three, you will reframe your emotions into a more helpful perspective.  

Note:  this 3-part tool is taken directly from the Job Search Boot Camp program, specifically the READY module (link noted below). It was incorporated into the first module of the program because it’s extremely important to prepare yourself mentally and make any necessary attitude adjustments before you starting putting yourself out there into the job market. Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, it’s imperative that you process and reframe your dissatisfaction before you actually get started on the next leg of your career journey.    



From the Job Search Boot Camp READY workbook...

Study #1

"In an experiment to examine the effects of journal writing on personal growth, 300 people were recruited from New York City's welfare and unemployment programs and introduced to the practice through (Dr. Ira) Progoff's workshop, in conjunction with a job training program. Within a twelve-month period, over 90 percent of those enrolled in the workshop improved their job status and housing conditions." – Brian Luke Seaward, author of Managing Stress: principles and strategies for health and wellbeing

Study #2

Excerpt Below Taken From:  Expressive writing and coping with job loss; Academy of Management Journal; June 1994; Stephanie P. Spera, Eric D. Buhrfeind & James W. Pennebaker

Subjects who wrote about the trauma of losing their jobs were significantly more likely to find reemployment in the months following the study than control subjects. Interestingly, contrary to Hypothesis 2, these effects were not mediated by measures of heightened motivation. That is, subjects in the experimental condition did not receive more phone calls, make more contacts, or send out more letters than controls. 

These results confirm the importance of people's addressing the psychological issues of job loss to achieve the ultimate goal of reemployment. Further, the study results caution both outplacement practitioners and job seekers about overlooking this psychological processing and engaging in immediate job search activity. Although certainly it is true that job seekers must engage in phone calling, letter writing, and interviewing activities to obtain new positions, our results suggest that those who do so having addressed their emotions and cognitively reappraised their situations may do a qualitatively better job of searching for new positions than those who do not. This qualitative difference may affect individuals' success in finding reemployment and the speed with which they do so. 

In the course of our interactions with subjects during the initial phase of the study, it was apparent that most subjects had very powerful emotions about their termination experience, even though it had been almost six months since their departure from their jobs. Subjects in both writing conditions tended to divulge to us the nature of the personal problems they were experiencing. Anger and hostility were quite prevalent in these sessions. This anger went far beyond the job search and was apparently putting great strain on the individuals' relationships and their general demeanor. Our review of the experimental subjects' essays also revealed such anger and bitterness as a recurring theme. 

Writing about the thoughts and feelings surrounding job loss may enable terminated employees to work through the negative feelings and to assimilate and attain closure on the loss, thus achieving a new perspective. Doing so may create a shift in the individual's orientation that allows getting past the negative emotions, preventing them from resurfacing and perhaps sabotaging the job search in, for example, a job interview.


Learn more about the online Job Search Boot Camp program mentioned above (which also includes practical tips on readying your resume for your job search) at

Download by clicking on the phrase "Capture, Release & Shift Exercise" below.

Exercise - Capture, Release & Shift 2 pages + – Get Closer To The Divine 3 Lectures 08:45

The Present Moment

Being focused on the present moment is one of the most effective ways to get closer to the Divine essence that runs through your life.

The Present Moment 03:39


Can the attitude of gratitude get you closer to the Divine AND closer to a good job?

Gratitude 05:06

Two Steps Closer

In his book, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles devotes an entire chapter to the subject of gratitude.  This exercise takes material directly from an online course by the same name and includes a summary of some of the key principles from that chapter, as well as two key questions that will help you examine your own sense of gratitude.

Learn more about the online course mentioned above, which is based on The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, at

Download by clicking on the phrase "Two Steps Closer Exercise" below.

Exercise - Two Steps Closer 1 page + – The Definition Of Your Success 3 Lectures 07:27

The Truth About…

Angela talks about success, money and security.

To define what success means to you, you need to be aware of what YOUR truth is about these things.

The Truth About... 04:27

Wants & Needs

Your definition of success is also determined by what your wants & needs are... and how they're being met.

Wants & Needs 03:00

Top 3 Priorities

The first phase of readying yourself for a job search entails getting clear about what your ideal preferences are.  In other words, what do you want in your next career adventure?

This "Top 3 Priorities" exercise comes from the "Discover Brand You" chapter in the book, What You Need To Know To Get A Job Now!  

The exercise starts with one simple question, which actually has 3 layers to it.  

The question:  What intangible factors must be present in your next job to attract you and keep you happy?  

Another helpful version of this question: What will make you get up out of bed everyday excited to go to work?  

By the way, popular intangible factors include things like a culture that offers work/life balance, the challenge of the work involved, the management style of the supervisor, etc.  Unlike tangible factors such as money, benefits, location, schedule, etc., intangible factors are defined individually according your own personal preferences.  

For example, let's say that it is important that you work in a good environment.  What you describe as a good work environment will be different than what someone else might consider a good work environment. 


Learn more about the book mentioned above, What You Need To Know To Get A Job Now!, on Amazon at 

Download by clicking on the phrase "Top 3 Priorities Exercise" below.

Exercise - Top 3 Priorities 1 page + – The Search For Identity 3 Lectures 07:59

Why Should I Hire You?

How do you introduce yourself to others? What do you say? You should assume that everyone you meet might just be someone who could hire you or might know someone who will hire you. 

Why Should I Hire You? 03:27

Your Unique Promise of Value

Your "Unique Promise of Value" (UPV) is how you make a difference. Angela gives tips on how to discover yours. 

Your Unique Promise Of Value 04:32

UPV Worksheet

You are special, and you are here at this time on this planet of more than 7.5 billion people to make an impact with your specialness.  

There’s a great phrase to describe your specialness… it’s your “Unique Promise of Value” (UPV).  

This exercise, which is taken directly from the Job Search Boot Camp READY workbook, is designed to help you to use the UPV formula to discover your UPV.


Message from Angela:
During the Career Mind Mastery: Discover Brand You online course that I developed with Tom Cassidy, we discuss the Unique Promise of Value formula as it relates to discovering your personal brand. We also teach how to apply it to the way you introduce yourself, especially during a career transition.

Here are some of the other ways to apply your UPV during a career transition:  

Resume – Your resume is a great place to weave in your Unique Promise of Value. This is when you will find it most often referred to as your Personal Brand. You want people to see how you add value in the summary section at the top of your resume. Tell them right away and let them see proof of that value in the accomplishments that you add into your resume.

Interview – Can you answer the question "Why Should I Hire You?" If you know your uniqueness, you will be better equipped to answer that question.  

Career Decisions – You can use your Unique Promise of Value to help you choose the right career direction for yourself.  When confronted with career decisions, you can ask yourself… “Will I be able to use my Talent & Passion in such a way as to make the greatest impact?” If the answer is yes, then you should seriously consider saying yes to the project or promotion.  

When you honor who you are and use what you uniquely offer the world, you will not only be much happier, you will multiply your success. That’s because when you're enthusiastic and fully engaged, you do your best work.  And others will take notice.  

General Decisions – Finally, don't forget that your uniqueness shows up in all areas of your life. It's a litmus test or acid test to make decisions in other areas besides your career. Your uniqueness defines who you will be with your friends and family and how you will serve as a volunteer in the community should you be motivated to do that.  You see, your uniqueness is how you show up no matter where you are and no matter what you're doing. You can't help yourself.

So embrace your uniqueness.   Let it lead you to receive all the abundance you can handle and then some!

Learn more about the online Job Search Boot Camp program mentioned above (which also includes practical tips on readying your resume for your job search) at .

Learn more about the online Career Mind Mastery: Discover Brand You program mentioned above at .

Download by clicking on the phrase "UPV Worksheet" below.

Exercise - UPV Worksheet 1 page + – The Search For Meaning & Purpose 3 Lectures 07:59

You Are Not Your Job

While trying not to rant, Angela explores the concepts of meaning, purpose and identity as it relates to career and dream jobs.

You Are Not Your Job Preview 03:57

Do It Anyway

When you figure out your UPV and your purpose, what comes next?  What if it's not part of your job description? 

Do It Anyway 04:02

What Else?

When you are planning your next career move, you need to think creatively, especially when the market conditions favor employers and the talent pool that they're choosing from is deep.  

You must challenge your thinking by asking yourself. "What else can I do?"  

This exercise specifically looks at what else you can do that: 

  • your peers can't do.
  • you take for granted because your career assets are such a part of you.
  • you've not considered before.

Download by clicking on the phrase "What Else Exercise" below.

Exercise - What Else? 2 pages + – Access Your Inner Wisdom 3 Lectures 08:25

The Brain Process

You come equipped with an awesome tool for accessing wisdom... your brain! Angela shares what she's learned about how it works.

The Brain Process 04:51

Creative Visualization

Use your imagination, your senses and your attitude to access wisdom and get what you want.

Creative Visualization 03:34

The Filmmaker

This valuable creative visualization tool, "The Filmmaker" was developed for two programs: Beyond The Wishing Well™ workshop & The Day You Find Out Why (Personal Polaris Program).  

It works because of neuroscience. It activates the RAS (Reticular Activating System) part of your brain so that it notices what it must in order for you to effectively align to your desire.

Learn more about the programs mentioned above at

To find out more about how neuroscience contributes to synchronicity, check out this video of Angela discussing the RAS and "The Filmmaker" with Tom Cassidy:

Download by clicking on the phrase "The Filmmaker" below.

Exercise - The Filmmaker 1 page + – Faith & Synchronicity 3 Lectures 07:52

20/20 Vision

To have 20/20 vision is to have perfect vision. That's why the old saying "hindsight is 20/20" is so clever.

To increase your confidence and faith in yourself, you can consciously view the past with 20/20 hindsight to prove to yourself that you've succeeded before and, therefore, can again. It also helps to look at others' successes. 

20/20 Vision 03:21

Asking Largely

Ask largely and then look for the signs of synchronicity.  Angela talks about how it's not ALL up to you. 

(Also, remember the RAS is involved too!)

Asking Largely 04:31

Hit Rewind

While it’s important to reflect and reframe past situations so that you can see what you’ve learned from those experiences, it’s also a good idea to look back at past situations to find the synchronicity.

This exercise goes beyond reframing and will really stretch your mind... so get ready!

Download by clicking on the phrase "Hit Rewind Exercise" below.

Exercise - Hit Rewind 1 page + – Get A Walking Partner 3 Lectures 06:33

The Power Of Support

Career transition and realizing your dreams can be challenging at times. Angela shares her thoughts and insights about getting a walking partner (accountability partner) to support you and keep you focused.

The Power Of Support Preview 02:59

Getting On The Path Together

When you get on the path together, you and your accountability partner might want to follow some of these basic rules of the road.

Getting On The Path Together 03:34

Pick A Partner

In her book, Creating A Life Worth Living: A practical course in career design for artists, innovators, and others aspiring to a creative life, Carol Lloyd says:  “Partnering is a formalized friendship that you set up with one other person to keep you focused on the best, most important parts of your life.”

Getting support as you try to bring your authentic self into your career is a smart idea. It’s especially smart if you find that those closest to you don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to do. Whether you’re in a full-out career transition or merely taking small steps to change your career course, it’s challenging work. Finding someone else who gets what you’re trying to do and who can support your efforts will help you stay focused and positive. And supporting someone else as they try to do the same will lift you up as well.

If this idea appeals to you, then you'll want to follow the 5 steps in this exercise for picking a partner.

Download by clicking on the phrase "Pick A Partner Exercise" below.

Exercise - Pick A Partner 2 pages + – A Distant Object 3 Lectures 06:53


Angela challenges you to keep traveling on the road toward what seems like a distant object... that object of your desire.

Once you have made the commitment to bring who you really are to what you do in life, don't be tempted to stop and stagnate (and, by the way, you can't really go back once you've started!)

Stagnation 03:17


What if you're not where you want to be yet? Don't wait for conditions to be just right before you act because you never know what one small action can lead to...

Action 03:36

Too Wet To Plow

Synchronicity will happen, but you need do your part to get it going.  

Use the "Too Wet To Plow" exercise to help you form some ideas of what action you can take right now.

NOTE:  This exercise is inspired by worksheet materials featured in the online course, Advanced Mind Mastery: The Science of Getting Rich.  

Learn more about the online course mentioned above, which is based on the book, The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, at

Download by clicking on the phrase "Too Wet To Plow" below.

Exercise - Too Wet To Plow 2 pages 2 More Sections
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