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This course takes you step-by-step through the process of adding a shopping cart to your WordPress website and collecting money for your products or services -- no prior ecommerce experience is necessary.  The course is designed as a quick-start (about 60 minutes) introduction to the best WordPress shopping cart software, and covers about 90% of the out-of-the-box functionality.

Updated Dec/2016: Bonus themes and courses!

  • You are purchasing a 4-course bundle that includes WordPress Essentials Complete, Complete WordPress Mastery Course, and Get it Done with IQTell and GTD. Instructions for collecting your bonuses are given in the first video
  • You are getting 6 powerful commercial theme frameworks for training purposes (WooThemes Canvas, Elegant Themes Divi, and 2 StudioPress themes)

Here is what you will learn:

  1. Shopping carts overview: WooCommerce may not be the best solution for you.  We review some other options
  2. WooCommerce Review: we tour the software, developer documentation and available extensions 
  3. Installing WooCommerce
  4. Products, Product Categories, and Product Images
  5. WooCommerce settings, shortcodes,and Shop page layouts
  6. PayPal configuration and checkout process
  7. Digital Downloads
  8. Flat-rate shipping
  9. WooCommerce product types, upsells, cross-sells, grouped products
  10. Product attributes and variations
  11. Advanced shipping methods
  12. Taxes and tax classes
  13. Coupons, Order Management, Inventory Management
  14. Product reviews, user roles, and more

About WP Academy

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Who is the target audience?
  • You want to receive online payments for your products or services, or run a membership site

  • You should know some WordPress. If you don't, the included bonus course "WordPress Essentials Complete" will fill you in
  • WooCommerce is a free plugin. Some of the other solutions presented may have fees.

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn all the ways to add a payment system to your WordPress website
  • Understand the different types of shopping carts, and when a WordPress plugin cart is appropriate
  • Get your first WooCommerce store (including digital downloads) up in under an hour

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 23 Lectures 01:23:08 + – Introduction to WordPress Shopping Carts 2 Lectures 08:46

Comparison of WordPress cart plugins, non-WordPress carts, hosted cart solutions, and marketing automation platforms

Choosing a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Preview 03:21

We cover: WooCommerce history, features, user experience and checkout process, developer documentation and available extensions

WooCommerce Review Preview 05:25 + – WooCommerce Quick Start 8 Lectures 27:08 Claim Your Bonuses 00:52

This video shows you how to install the WooCommerce plugin and setup the shop pages.

Installing WooCommerce, WooCommerce Pages Preview 03:49

This video will teach you how to add products, product categories, and set product images.

Products, Product Categories & Images 04:31

This video gives an introduction to the WooCommerce global settings, and will teach you the basic shop page layouts.

WooCommerce Settings & Shop Page Layouts 02:09

This videos covers more advanced Shop page layouts, as well as the most popular WooCommerce shortcodes and widgets.

Shop Page Shortcodes & WooCommerce Widgets 05:02

This video shows you to add PayPal to your site, and demonstrates the checkout process.

Checkout Process; PayPal Payment Gateway 04:34

This video covers WooCommerce digital download setup and checkout process. You will first need to have Setup PayPal Payment Gateway.

Digital Downloads 03:29

We show you how to add Flat Rate Shipping, and briefly cover other WooCommerce shipping options.

Flat-Rate Shipping 02:42 + – WooCommerce Reference 9 Lectures 32:49

Product Types: Simple Products, Downloadable, Virtual, External, Grouped

WooCommerce product types can be quite confusing.

Review the following video for the definition and usage of common WooCommerce product types.

Types of Products, Upsells & Cross-sells, Grouped Products 02:19

In this video we cover WooCommerce product attributes, variations and the Layered Nav widgets. These are defined:

Product Attributes are like an additional property of a product that is displayed on the full product page (ex: Manufacturer)

Product Variations are options on a product used in ordering (like Small, Medium, Large)

●TheLayered Nav widgets allow you to filter and sort by product attribute (ex: show me your General Electric toasters)

Product Attributes & Variations; Layered Nav Widgets 06:17

In this video we review the built-in WooCommerce shipping methods (including Free Shipping w/ coupon, International, Local Delivery and Pickup) and delve more deeply into the Flat Rate shipping module, including country restrictions and Shipping Class overrides. We also cover the powerful WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing function.

Advanced Shipping, Shipping Classes, Bulk Product Editing 06:18

In this video we cover WooCommerce Taxes setup, Tax Classes, compounding taxes, and tax-included prices. We give typical setups for the US, Canada and Great Britain.

Taxes & Tax Classes 05:39

In this video we cover WooCommerce coupon management, including the free shipping coupon type.

Coupons 03:13

In this video we cover the WooCommerce order statuses and sales reports.

Order Management & Reporting 02:29

We cover WooCommerce inventory management -- how to allow your store to track inventory and enable/disable backordering.

Inventory Management 02:40

We cover the Product Reviews function of WooCommerce: how to enable and disable it, and moderate reviews.

Product Reviews 01:50

WooCommerce user roles grant or restrict access to the different parts of your WooCommerce store. You will need this if you have employees working on your store.

WooCommerce User Roles 02:04 + – WooCommerce Styling & Programming 3 Lectures 14:01

Email templates include the customer order notification email, customer notes notification, etc. This video shows you how to customize them to your specs.

Email Template Customization 05:37

We cover the basics of programming WooCommerce (and indeed any WordPress site) using Hooks.

WooCommerce Programming Basics: Hooks, Actions, Filters 05:12

We cover styling a WooCommerce store via CSS, and briefly discuss theme compatibility issues and what you can do if your theme does not support WooCommerce well.

WooCommerce CSS Styling, Theme Compatibility 03:12 + – Next steps 1 Lecture 00:24 Next steps 00:24
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