Train the Trainer Foundation: Adult Education Mastery



Why should you take this course?

This 8 hour program is one of the most comprehensive, easy to understand, applicable set of adult learning techniques available anywhere. You'll learn everything you need to motivate adult learners, keep them interested, deal with challenging or disgruntled participants, and maximize learning. Whether you are a trainer looking for all of the tools you need, or your organization needs to quickly roll out a complete train-the-trainer curriculum, this is the program for you.

Bonus: Includes a 150+page workbook, training checklists, review templates and a learning style assessment.

Don't take my word for it. Hear what others have to say...

“I took this course from Jason on adult education, and it was a phenomenally useful experience. Jason gave me a strong theoretical background for teaching adults, and also a huge arsenal of tools and strategies for engaging adults in the classroom. I'd recommend this course to anyone who needs to teach adults."

- Simon Tanzman- Corporate Trainer

“Just wanted to thank you for the very helpful and informative Video Training these past two days. Although I have taught adult users for > 13 years at Midlands Tech. and have many student 'peace and war stories' of my own, I feel like I learned many helpful tidbits of information that will be so very useful as I train the LMC staff in the future. Thanks again."

- Stephanie DiMaggio- Credentialed Trainer

“It helped me understand effective communication techniques as well as group dynamics. These have set me up for success not only in direct teaching situations, but also in settings from small informal meetings all the way up to meetings with executives."

- Aaron Rutkowski- Project Manager

Who is the target audience?
  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Project Managers
  • Financial Professionals
  • Technical Professionals
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Academic Leaders
  • Professors
  • Executives
  • Instructional Designers
  • Curriculum Writers

  • None

What Will I Learn?
  • The 4 learning styles of adults and how to maximize learning by teaching to all of them simultaneously
  • A 5-step approach to showing credibility that will get even the toughest class to believe in you, listen to you, and trust you
  • Specialized strategies for engaging a “hostile” class that doesn’t want to be there
  • How to create amazing training materials for any topic so participants will crave your class
  • A 5-step model showing how adults learn and how to apply it to reach every learner
  • Effective methods to boost enthusiasm even for dry or boring topics
  • Efficient and productive preparation techniques so you can prepare in less time
  • How to ensure your curriculum is ideal for all of your objectives and learners
  • A “whole class” approach to building rapport right from the start
  • The Rule The Room visual aid toolkit, so you can maximize the benefit of visual aids including PowerPoint, sticky notes, and handouts
  • Why most trainers are only able to teach using their own learning style, and how to be sure you aren’t missing the other 75% of your learners
  • A powerful set of teaching tools to keep participants active and engaged for any topic
  • A suite of practical methods for handling challenging participants to make life easier

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 13 Lectures 05:44:49 + – Hook Your Class 3 Lectures 01:09:31

An introduction and welcome to the training essentials of adult education. Watch Jason model exactly how to start a training session with the very techniques he will teach you later on!

Introduction and Welcome to Training Essentials of Adult Education Preview 29:28

Get even the toughest class to believe in you, listen to you and trust you.

Hook Your Class - Part 1 16:59

Make the first 30 minutes of your class an instant success.

Hook Your Class - Part 2 23:04 + – Become Their Favorite 3 Lectures 01:22:47

Build credibility and rapport with each of your adult students from the moment they walk into the room.

Become Their Favorite - Part 1 31:11

Advanced techniques for building rapport and keeping it.

Become Their Favorite - Part 2 31:35

Learn how about smart attire, getting past nervousness and being enthusiastic. Then discover how to use the 90/10 rule to communicate effectively and master your content.

Create Your Presence 20:01 + – Engage And Teach All Learners 3 Lectures 01:37:27

Learn about the stages of adult learning and the learning styles that shape how well your adult students acquire the material you are teaching.

Understand Your Learners 32:29

Learn about the different teaching tools you can use in the classroom to maximize learning and retention.

Reach Every Learner - Part 1 35:25

Discover advanced tools you can use in the classroom to engage your adult students, reach every learning style and make sure everyone has got it.

Reach Every Learner - Part 2 29:33 + – Create Amazing Training Materials 2 Lectures 51:16

Discover how to create and maximize your teaching objectives and use them to create materials that make the adult classroom come alive.

Create Amazing Training Materials - Part 1 31:39

Learn how to create teaching strategies that diversify your classroom and use activities to engage any learning style that comes your way.

Create Amazing Training Materials - Part 2 19:37 + – Handle Challenging Trainees 2 Lectures 43:48

Placate Resenters. Hog-Tie Talk Hogs. Shut Down Hecklers. Handle Gripers and Complainers.

Handle Resenters, Talk Hogs, Hecklers and Gripers 23:40

Allow Experts to Shine. Simmer Down Know-It-Alls. Engage Quiet Types.

Handle Experts, Know-It-Alls and Quiet Types 20:08
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