Beginners Guide to Studio Portrait Photography



Introduction to Studio Portraiture, is rated in the TOP 10% of all courses on Udemy? Great job! -Udemy 2016

I truly enjoyed your course. Your course was packed with great material which should be helpful as I attempt to break into the world of Portrait Photography. So much information, some of which is currently way over my head, but really put the field of Portrait Photography into perspective for me. Your presentation was wonderful, logically laid out, and easy to follow. Thank you.

-Robert M.


Would you like to make money with your camera? Are you a 'people person' and LOVE photography as well? Would you like to start a home based business? If so, let me show you how to create beautiful portraits to start your path to your own photography business.

Portrait photography is popular, fun, and in-demand! If you are looking for a course to photograph people for fun or jump start your photography career and get paid, this course shows you how to create beautiful portraits.

If you dream of owning a portrait photography business this course will show you how to create beautiful portraits from head shots to full length, groups, families, and more.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to photograph people in various poses and lighting techniques
  • How to master strobe lighting
  • How to photograph white backgrounds
  • How to create special effect portraits
  • How to be a creative and in-demand photographer

In no time you will have all the tools you need to get started creating fine portraits either in the studio or in your own home based business. And this course is designed specifically for the photographer with no lighting experience.

This course shows you how to:

  • Learn how to sculpt people with light
  • Understand how your lighting equipment works
  • How to understand the difference between key and fill lights
  • Understand lighting ratios
  • How to add accent lights
  • How to light backgrounds
  • How to simple photo retouching (everybody needs some)

By the time you finish this course you will be able to shoot great portraits of family, friends, and even clients and without a million dollars in photo gear.

Enroll now to learn exclusive portrait lighting techniques and make good money enjoying your passion.


What they are saying:

"Charlie, I have learned so much from your class, and feel as I try new lighting arrangements and combinations I do have a lot to learn. My confidence is growing in photographing portraits, and I have to admit I just love it and plan to keep on, having already added 2 lights to my set up." Gratefully, Sarah

"Truly a wonderful class! You have taken the "Mystery," and fear, out of portrait photography. You have a wonderful gift for teaching, and you express yourself very well through the written word - another wonderful gift. Thank you so much! Hoping to take another of your classes in the near future". Blessings, Jennifer


And don't forget Udemy has a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, and that is MY guarantee as well!

Who is the target audience?
  • Begionning photographers passionate about photography
  • Those who love people and working with them
  • Photographers looking to start a portrait business
  • Photographers interested in a home based business

  • Basic understanding of cameras and lenses
  • Basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • Should have lighting of some sort. We'll show you how to use strobes, umbrellas, and more

What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the lighting equipment
  • Understand lighting and how best to apply it to people
  • Photograph individuals, families, and groups
  • How to photograph business portraits
  • How to setup your studio in your home or studio location

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 43 Lectures 06:09:04 + – Introductory Tools 2 Lectures 08:17 Recommended Portrait Lighting Equipment Preview 04:22

This video provides a quick look at a simple studio portrait giving you an idea of what will be covered later in the course in more depth.

Studio Portraiture First Look Preview 03:55 + – Fundamentals of Strobe Lighting 6 Lectures 52:30

Photographers are not unlike other artists. Painters use paint varying shades to show shadows and highlights and photographers essentially paint their subjects with light. This is the first lesson showing you how light works.

Understanding Light 09:22

Photographers are not unlike other artists. Painters use paint varying shades to show shadows and highlights and photographers essentially paint their subjects with light. This is the second lesson showing you how light works.

Understanding Light Part 2 07:49

Photographers are not unlike other artists. Painters use paint varying shades to show shadows and highlights and photographers essentially paint their subjects with light. This is the third lesson showing you how light works.

Understanding Light Part 3 12:38

This video shows you how aperture controls the strobe exposure.

Aperture, Strobes, and Flash: Controlling Exposure 07:43

This video shows you how to control ambient, also known as available lights.

Shutter Speeds and Ambient Light: Controlling Exposure 07:18 Understanding Shooting Modes 07:40 + – Understanding Lighting Equipment 9 Lectures 58:45

This lecture provides an overview of lighting equipment.

Introduction to Lighting Equipment 07:09

This lecture is part 1 showing how lighting equipment works.

Introduction to Lighting Equipment Pt 2 06:33

This lecture is part 2 showing how lighting equipment works.

2-2 Introduction to Equipment 3 05:43

This lecture gives an overview of light stands.

Understanding How Equipment Works 1 02:44

This lecture gives and overview of background setups.

Understanding How Equipment Works 2 06:26

This lecture gives an overview of lighting booms.

Understanding How Equipment Works 3 04:35

This lecture gives an overview of light modifiers.

Understanding How Equipment Works 4 07:54

This lecture gives and overview of reflectors and light panels.

Understanding How Equipment Works 5 07:06

You might be considering using a wireless triggers and this video describes the benefits of using these.

Wireless Triggers 10:35 + – Lighting for The Perfect Portrait 12 Lectures 01:46:33

This lecture is an introduction to lighting people.

Portrait Lighting 05:16 Understanding Light Patterns in Portraiture 08:01

This lecture introduces key lights and fill lights.

Understanding Key Light Fill Light 02:56

This lecture provides and overview of lighting ratios.

Understanding Lighting Ratios 04:45

This lectures covers the concept of one light and two light setups.

One Light & Two Light Setups 10:51

This lecture gives you an overview of lighting people and which side of the face to light.

Which Side of the Face to Photograph? 04:40

This lecture covers accent lighting.

A Guide to Accent Lighting 11:46

This lecture covers full length portraits.

Full Length Portraits 05:36

This lecture looks at different methods for lighting your background.

How to Light Your Background 15:48 Managing Backgrounds 17:05

This lecture introduces the concepts behind knockout backgrounds.

Creating Knockout Backgrounds 05:21

I was asked to photograph this family and in another city so I arranged to use another photographers studio and then photographed this family as a group and as individuals.

The Family Portrait Session 14:28 + – Fine Tuning Your Portraits 5 Lectures 47:40

You may already know how to use your histogram, but there is a technique to use it specifically for perfect portraits and this video show you how.

How to Consult Your Histogram in Portrait Photography 11:51

Posing the head.

Posing the Head 06:49

Posing the body.

Posing the Body 08:19

Posing arms and hands.

Posing Hands and Arms 06:03

This lecture looks at various techniques for creative portraits.

Advanced Portrait Techniques 14:38 + – Creative Techniques 9 Lectures 01:13:20

Most portraits need, if not require some form of retouching to remove small blemishes and lighten wrinkles. This lecture provides you simple step by step techniques to make your subjects look great.

Portrait Retouching 13 pages

When photographing people against white backgrounds the backgrounds dont always go white and often look gray. There is a technique using Photoshop to make backgrounds go white and this video shows how.

Making a White Background REALLY White 17:16

An introduction to beauty and glamour lighting techniques.

Beauty and Glamour Lighting 12:29

This first of 5 videos shows how a portrait was captured in a very small basement and then procssed for an exciting look.

Creative Portrait Technique Part 1 Preview 10:17

This video shows more about the setup and lighting.

Creative Portrait Technique Part 2 Masking 09:23

This video shows how the glamour look and skin softening was created in Portrait Professional software.

Creative Portrait Technique Part 3 Portrait Professional 03:12

This video shows how additional facial restructuring and skin softening was added in Portrait Professional software.

Creative Portrait Technique Part 4 Portrait Pro 06:32

This video lecture shows how the background was created in Photoshop.

Creative Portrait Technique Part 5 Background 12:46

If you feel you have hit a roadblock with your photography, just drop me a note.

In case you need some help 01:25
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