The Social Media Survival Guide


media course
is based on the book, The Social Media
Survival Guide, which is used in colleges and universities worldwide. It is
taught by the book's author and social media professor, Deltina Hay.
this extensive course, you will learn how to prepare your social media plan,
and how to apply effective tactics and optimization techniques to many social
media tools. The course emphasizes creating an optimized social media strategy
that will help you achieve long-term placement and maximum exposure for you and
your business in the social web.
covered in this class include:
●  RSS Feeds
●  Blogging with
●  Using WordPress to
power your website
●  Social networking
sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus
●  Twitter and Mobile
●  Social bookmarking
and crowd-sourcing sites
●  Media sharing sites:
Flickr, YouTube, Slideshare, and Pinterest
●  Implementing social
media widgets
●  Integrating your
social media presence
●  Search and social
media optimization
●  Pitching social
media to clients and management
●  Developing a social
media strategy, analysis, and plan
media training includes formal lectures and supplemental videos to help you learn the
tools. The instructor provides many resources and recommended assignments as
well. Also included are downloadable worksheets to help you prepare your social
media anlaysis, strategy, and plan.
course is not about theory; it is about using the tools to their full potential
to help you succeed in the social web. Ms. Hay's nuts-and-bolts teaching style
has been called "straight-forward," "no-nonsense," and
"packed full."
roll up your sleeves, and let's get social!

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