Social Media For Business Strategy 2017




4 Hrs Of Video and 23 new Lectures

Today's customers are online, web savvy and socially connected. Which means they're better informed, harder to reach and harder to please. It's clear then, that the world of business has changed. 

  1. But have you kept up? 
  2. Do you have the tactics, tools and training to leverage social media for business success? 

Social Media Marketing gives you a powerful mix of rich customer data, flexible marketing platforms and the chance to get ahead of your competitors.

This new and highly practical Social Media for Business Growth will give you actionable tips and ideas so that you make the most of: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogging and more. You will learn: A process for generating leads using social media; How to create content that increases conversion rates; Practical advice on incorporating mobile strategies into your marketing mix ; A step-by-step process for measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your social media campaigns. This Social Media Course will help you build a solid social media marketing strategy to generate more leads and sales, contribute to business growth and become a marketing rock star...

Who is the target audience?
  • Internet Marketers
  • Professional Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • CMO

  • General Internet and Social Media Awarness

What Will I Learn?
  • Build a complete Social Media Strategy for your business
  • Generate leads using Social Media
  • Practical advice on incorporating mobile strategies into your marketing mix
  • Create content that increases conversion rates
  • Measure and Monitor the Results

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 50 Lectures 07:08:41 + – Social Media For Business 2017 23 Lectures 03:58:46 Intro to Social Media Strategy Course Preview 11:08 Key Principles Preview 19:23 Social Media Strategy 07:24 Situation Analysis 09:03 Stakeholders 08:34 The Competition 03:44 Audience Research 20:00 Objectives 14:38 Strategy 10:46 Tactics 10:16 Your Content Strategy 12:22 Content Audits 09:41 Audience Research - Another angle 09:34 Content Ideas 08:01 Map the Customer Journey 12:15 Content Distribution 05:53 Actions 15:57 Controls 07:52 Learn from Analysis 06:17 Test and Learn 06:57 Show ROI 09:37 Analyse the Data 16:09 Conclusions 03:15 + – The Social Media Environment 6 Lectures 39:09 Introduction to Social media-Beyond the basics Preview 01:50 Social media environment-Different purposes Preview 05:38 Social media environment-Overview, business adoption Preview 05:40 Social media environment-Benefits for business 1 05:05 Social media environment-Benefits for business 2 10:03 Benchmark Balance sheet 10:53 + – Engage Customers with Social Media 12 Lectures 01:33:20 Creating community & writing for social media 05:02 Engage customers-LinkedIn part 1 10:31 Engage customers-LinkedIn part 2 08:02 Engage customers-LinkedIn part 3 05:09 Engage customers-Facebook part 1 09:40 Engage customers-Facebook part 2 06:29 Engage customers-Twitter 11:27 Engage customers-YouTube 04:59 Engage customers-Blogs 06:12 Engage customers-Foursquare 09:31 Engage customers-Integrated case study 07:05 Engage customers-Writing for digital media 09:13 + – Integrate and Manage 2 Lectures 17:20 Integrate & manage: Building social media activities into the business part 1 10:17 Integrate & manage part 2 07:03 + – Measure and Monitor 4 Lectures 21:42 Measure & monitor-tools for social media metrics part 1 07:50 Measure & monitor-tools for social media metrics part 2 04:41 Measure & monitor-Free tools 06:55 Measure & monitor-Paid for tools 02:16 + – Best Practice & Action Plan 2 Lectures 16:24 Best practice & planning for your business 08:42 Action plan-Social media objectives 07:42 + – Continue Learning Winning Marketing Strategies with Oxford Learning Lab 1 Lecture 00:00 Bonus Lecture with $9 Coupons to all our Courses! 2 pages
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