Power Blogging: Become An Authority Blogger In Your Niche!



If you want to become an authority blogger, then you may benefit greatly from taking this course.

There are millions of blogs on the web, and over 100,000 blogs are created every day. Standing out of the crowd has become more difficult than ever for bloggers. Too many bloggers give up because they don't get traffic right away or the sales that they expected.

The reason most bloggers don't make it is because they lack the knowledge of blogging success. They don't know how to stand out from the crowd, improve blog SEO, and utilize social media to get more blog traffic.

Even when you get more blog traffic, success is not a guarantee. There are bloggers who focus so much of their time on getting traffic that they forget to create products. Not only is creating products easy (if you know how), but you can also use your blog posts in the products.

I believe that any blog can go from unknown to well-known, and the next blog that makes the transition could be yours. The Power Blogging Training Course will show you how to turn your blog from an unknown blog to a well-known blog that people keep on talking about.

The time to dramatically increase your blog traffic, get more people talking about your blog on social networks, and build a large audience on the web is now.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with a blog who wants more traffic

  • Blog
  • Twitter account

What Will I Learn?
  • Dramatically increase blog traffic
  • Utilize Twitter effectively to promote your blog
  • Create products that revolve around your blog
  • Stand out from your niche

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 41 Lectures 03:23:07 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 02:47

There are millions of blogs on the web, and over 100,000 blogs are created every day. Standout out from the crowd has become more difficult than ever. In the Power Blogging Training Course, I will show you how to stand out from the crowd, get a dramatic increase in traffic, and have people sharing your blog on their social networks.

Introduction To The Power Blogging Training Course Preview 02:47 + – Tips For Writing Blog Posts 6 Lectures 32:35

The construction of a blog post is essential towards its success. Visitors do not want to read 1 giant block of text. Instead, they want to read small bite-size paragraphs of text. In this video, I will tell you everything you need to know about properly constructing a blog post.

How To Properly Construct A Blog Post 02:40

Stumped about what your next blog post could be about? In this lecture, I explore the methods you can use to easily come up with more blog post ideas. This isn't a lecture where I give you a bunch of ideas. This is a lecture where I show you how to easily come up with your own ideas with some research and other methods.

How To Think Of More Blog Post Ideas 08:02

No matter how good you are at writing, you will encounter writer's block. At some points, you ill not want to write a single blog post. In this video, I will share with you some of the ways I fight against writer's block.

How To Fight Writer's Block Preview 03:43

One of the controversial topics of blogging is the frequency of blog posts. I recommend publishing a blog post every day, but if publishing a blog post every day reduces your quality, you should publish your blog posts at another frequency.

The Ideal Frequency Of Blog Posts 04:36

The headline of a blog ultimately decides whether a visitor reads on and then decides to share your blog post on a social network or leave your blog. In this video, I will share with you some of the tactics I have used to writer better headlines for my blog posts.

How To Write Better Headlines For Your Blog Posts 03:48

Writing longer blog posts helps your blog's SEO ranking and keeps visitors on your blog for a longer period of time. In this lecture, I will share with you some of the methods you can use to easily write 1,000 word blog posts.

How To Easily Write 1,000 Word Blog Posts 09:46 + – How To Make Money On Your Blog 2 Lectures 13:53

There are many ways to make money with a blog, but if you want to maximize your profit, you can turn your blog content into products. In this video, I will show you exactly how to do that.

How To Turn Your Blog Into Products 06:21

In this lecture, I will discuss how to do affiliate marketing on your blog so you generate an income while strengthening the relationship between you and your readers.

Affiliate Marketing 07:32 + – How To Make Your Blog Better 8 Lectures 40:25

Having pictures on your blog is essential towards keeping people on your blog for a longer amount of time and increasing your blog's traffic. In this video, I will share with you why you need to have pictures on your blog.

Why You Need Pictures On Your Blog 02:37

Learn why it is important to have images in your blog posts. Not only is it important to have images in your blog posts, but the images should be your own. You can create free images with Canva, KeyNote, and PowerPoint. Learn more in the lecture.

Why You Need To Use Images In Your Blog Posts (2015) 03:31

Everyone has been saying why content is king, but today I am going to explain exactly why content is king and how having good content will benefit your blog.

Why Content Is King 04:06

Your visitors are going to have questions, and if you answer their questions, they will visit your blog more often and/or buy your product. Answering your visitor's questions will also establish yourself as an expert of your niche which will allow you to stand out.

Have A Q&A Page On Your Blog 02:20

People need to contact you in order to ask you questions about your niche, your products, and your services. Some of the people who contact you will present you with an opportunity such as a guest blogging or speaking opportunity.

Why You Need A Contact Me Option On Your Blog 01:40

I schedule my blog posts in bulk, and in this video, I will share with you why I do that as well as the benefits of scheduling your blog posts in bulk.

The Benefits Of Scheduling Blog Posts In Bulk 04:29

Wait, take a break from blogging? In this lecture, I will explain when you would want to take a break from blogging. I will also discuss how you can take a break from blogging while content still gets published on your blog at a consistent rate. One time, I took a month off from my blog, but no one knew because I was able to publish blog posts on autopilot for an entire month. Just don't get carried away with your breaks and always be sure to maintain the consistency in which you publish new content.

When To Take A Break From Blogging 06:46

If you use a blog powered by WordPress[dot]org, then you have come across plugins. In this lecture, I will highlight seven of the plugins that I use for my own blog that allow me to provide a better experience for my audience.

7 Great WP Plugins 14:56 + – How To Increase Blog Traffic 6 Lectures 27:15

In order to get your visitors to stick around, you need to have them subscribe to your blog. By subscribing to your blog, they will get emailed every time you come out with a new blog post, and it is the subscribers who usually buy your products, leave comments, and ask you questions. Here are 5 ways to get more subscribers so all of those results can happen to your more often.

5 Ways To Get More Blog Subscribers 05:07

Twitter is a powerful social network that has referred a lot of traffic to my blog. Before Twitter referred a lot of people to my blog, I would be lucky if 3 of my visitors came from Twitter. By making a few changes, I went from having 3 people coming to my blog from Twitter every day to having well over 50 people coming to my blog from Twitter every day. I also have a training course all about Twitter called the Twitter Domination Training Course, and as a student enrolled to the Power Blogging Training Course, you can use the coupon PowerBlogging20 to save $27 on the Twitter Domination Training Course.

How To Promote Your Blog With Twitter 05:49

Pinterest is a growing social network that you need to utilize to get more blog traffic. In this lecture, I will share some of the methods I use to get more traffic from Pinterest.

Promoting Your Blog On Pinterest 06:14

Guest blogging is a great way to boost your traffic because you are putting your content in front of a larger audience. In this video, I will talk about why guest blogging is important towards increasing traffic and improving your SEO (which go hand-in-hand).

Why You Need To Start Guest Blogging 04:22 Why Accept Guest Posts On Your Blog 02:42

HubPages allows you to write articles on the web similar to a blog. Since HubPages does well on Google, your hub will automatically get more visitors. You can use hubs to promote your blog, get an extra backlink, and make some money at the same time. Wizzley, Zujava, Info Barrel, and Bubblews are four other sites that pay you for writing content. You can use all four of these sites to promote your blog.

Why Use HubPages Preview 03:01 + – How To Enhance Your Blog's SEO 6 Lectures 26:08

Bounce rate is a powerful part of SEO that often goes unnoticed. In this video, I will share with you how to lower your bounce rate so more people stay on your blog for a longer period of time.

What You Need To Know About Bounce Rate 05:42

Answering questions will establish yourself as an expert of your niche, but what if you could boost your blog's SEO rank and get more traffic at the same time? In this video, I will share with you how to improve your blog's SEO by using Yahoo and Wiki answers to answer people's questions and get a quality back link for your blog at the same time.

How To Use Yahoo And Wiki Answers To Promote Your Blog 02:53

Your blog's statistics indicate growth and decline. I will show you how to use these statistics in order to make your blog grow.

What Your Blog's Statistics Can Tell You 03:36

Some people believe backlinks are bad while others still utilize them. I will discuss why backlinks are still effective and how you can get quality backlinks.

Backlinks Preview 04:31

Learn why a blog's speed is so important (it's not only important for search engines), how you can see your blog's speed, and how you can make your blog faster.

Why Blog Speed Is Important And How To Make Your Blog Faster 07:13

Regardless of whether your blog is a high profile blog or not, it is beneficial to share the links of high profile blogs on the web. There are more benefits to this method than an SEO boost.

Benefits Of Sharing High Profile Links Of Other Blogs On Your Blog 02:13 + – Your Email List 9 Lectures 52:44

In this lecture, I will discuss why it is important to use a paid mailing service instead of the free one that gets provided by your blogging platform.

Using A Paid Mailing Service 04:10

Don't have a landing page? In this lecture, I will show you how to create your own landing pages.

Creating Your Own Landing Pages With Optimize Press 08:48

Your landing page is one of the most powerful pages on your blog. In this lecture, I will show you how to promote your landing page so it gets seen by more people.

Promoting Your Landing Page 06:09

In this lecture, I will discuss the irresistible free prize's impact on the amount of subscribers you get from your landing pages.

Your Irresistible Free Offer 03:46 Autoresponder Sequence 07:57 Building Relationships With The People On Your Email List 04:01

When you have multiple landing pages and want to create multiple email lists with separate autoresponders for each free product you offer on your different landing pages, then this is the lecture for you.

Having Multiple Email Lists That Lead To Your Main List 06:18

Pop-Ups aren't as bad as they seem, and you should use them on your blog. In this lecture, I will discuss why that is the case and how pop-ups have significantly increased my blog's sign-ups.

Pop-Ups Are Wonderful 03:31

Want to grow your email list? Don't ask for someone's email address for every guidebook you create. In this lecture, I will discuss how this seemingly contradictory advice can actually increase your reach, allow you to tap into a new audience that you couldn't tap into on your own, and quite ironically, get more subscribers in the process

Promote Some Of Your Free Guidebooks WITHOUT Asking For An Email Address 08:04 + – Conclusion 1 Lecture 01:36 The Most Important Lesson You Must Get From This Course 1 question

I would like to congratulate you for finishing all of the videos of this training course. Starting is the most challenging part, but not only did you start the Power Blogging Training Course, you finished it. I will periodically be coming out with updates for this training course based on new knowledge I obtain, your questions, and your suggestions. You can ask me a question or leave me a suggestion by emailing me (marcguberti@optonline.net) or directly from this training course.

Conclusion 01:36 + – Bonus Section 2 Lectures 05:44 Outsourcing Some Of The Work 04:21 Hire A Blog Post Editor 01:23
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