Promoting Your Content With Internet Radio and Podcasts



Need to get the word out about your book, blog, website or product? Discover how to tap into a hungry audience who is looking for you and your content.

Do you know there are hundreds of internet radio shows and podcasts out there? They need fresh content for their listeners every week. 

  1. Discover how to promote your content and maximize your exposure with podcasts and internet radio.

We reveal an easy system to find relevant shows, book the interview, and promote yourself and your content. Rinse and repeat for massive exposure and promotion!

  • You'll also learn how to create and host your own show, both internet radio and podcast-based, in addition to implementing monetizing and promotional tactics that make the most out of your broadcast time.

Don't miss out on this easy source of promotion. Connect with hungry listeners in your niche who are eager for content. Promoting Your Content With Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts will help you generate massive publicity for your book, blog, website, or product. 

This course comes complete with video training, step-by-step pdfs with screenshots, a huge list of targeted shows you can contact right now, plus templates you can use for your own. You can learn and apply the material in this course within a few days to a week.

</p> Who is the target audience?
  • Website owners, writers, publishers, bloggers, anyone who wants more publicity for their content.

  • No prerequisites needed

What Will I Learn?
  • Locate podcasts and radio shows in your niche
  • Successfully contact, schedule, and arrange an interview
  • Promote your content with podcast and radio show appearances
  • Create your own podcast or internet radio show
  • Discover how to promote your own podcast or internet radio show
  • Monetize your show and use advanced tactics for more exposure

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 16 Lectures 01:39:58 + – Introduction 3 Lectures 06:37 Discover what the course has to offer and why you should promote with podcasts and internet radio shows.
Promoting Your Content With Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts Preview 00:49 Welcome to Promoting Your Content With Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts. This Lecture provides a course overview and discusses how to get the most out of this course. Welcome To Promoting Your Content With Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts Preview 05:48 Discover how you can leverage the targeted audiences of internet radio shows and podcast to promote your content. Why Podcasts and Radio Shows are A Great Fit for Your Content Promotion 3 pages + – Contacting Shows 3 Lectures 16:50 Discover how to find related shows in your niche and how to contact and book interviews, the professional way.
Finding Related Shows and Preparing Your Contact Information Preview 11:22 This video provides a brief overview of the contact materials you need to put together. Refer to the next lecture for samples and templates.
Preparing and Creating Your Contact Materials 05:28 Find and contact the best shows that fit your content. Make sure to check out the supplemental materials, which include:

  • Database of Radio Shows and Podcasts in a Variety of Niches
  • Sample Fact Sheet
  • Sample Email contact letter
Finding And Contacting Shows 7 pages + – The Interview 1 Lecture 06:10 This is your moment to shine! Discover how to maximize the interview to provide high-quality content and to promote yourself.
Interview Tips and Tactics 06:10 + – Starting Your Own 5 Lectures 34:03 Now that you have some interviews under your belt, you might be ready for your own show. Here are some important things to consider.
Should You Do A Show of Your Own? 11:29 How and where to set up your own Internet Radio Show
Creating Your Own Internet Radio Show 4 pages There are a number of different places you can host your own radio show. Here are some of the top choices and how to get started.
Choices For Setting Up Your Own Radio Show 07:56 Creating your own podcast isn't as difficult as it sounds. Discover what tools you need and how to get started.
Creating Your Own Podcast 14:38 Discover how to find the best guests and tips for booking interviews for your show.
Booking Interviews 2 pages + – Publicity and Monetization 2 Lectures 14:31 Now that you have produced your show, it's time to grow your audience. Learn how to promote your show and increase your listener base.
Promoting Your Show 07:32 Once your show is up and running, it's time to start implementing some methods to make your show make money for you.
Monetizing Your Show 06:59 + – Advanced Tactics 2 Lectures 03:47 Take your show to the next level with these advanced tactics.
Advanced Podcasting Tactics 2 pages Conclusion How Your show fits into your overall promotional plan and next steps.

Conclusion 03:47
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