Mastering iPhone Programming



You can now avoid all the frustration and disappointment that comes when trying to learn iPhone programming . The interactive learning pedagogy is based on the "concept and problem mechanism" which provides a systematic approach for all candidates. Our experienced team of developers and tutors have created and refined the course based on a proven system that works and is recognized in the industry.  On completion of the course you will be able to

  • Understand the entire iPhone Apps Development Cycle from start to finish.
  • Develop and Publish your own iPhone Apps and Games on the App Store!
  • See which type of Apps are making money and why and how you can do the same.
  • Bid for the mushrooming number of iPhone App Projects on sites such as Elance, oDesk, WorkExchange etc.
  • If you work at a job - you can expect a pay raise with your newly acquired cutting edge skill set
  • Setup your own Independant iPhone Development Studio, and join the other studios that are successfully making money in this hot niche.

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Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 58 Lectures 14:21:25 + – Introduction to Objective C and Xcode 5 Lectures 01:13:04

This video will describe the basics of iOS technology and will talk about its features, toolset and SDK.

Introduction to iOS programming Preview 19:29

This will introduce you to the Objective C programming language. We will learn how to create basic programs and execute them on Xcode.

Objective C basics - part 1 Preview 17:41

We will take forward the discussion on Objectice C. We will expand on the concepts learnt in the previous chapter and will discuss topics like functions, structures and how to use them in our programs

Objective C basics - part 2 Preview 16:33

This video is about Object oriented programming in Objective C.

Objective C basics - part 3 Preview 19:21

This contains the presentation file and source code for the examples discussed in the video lessons.

Unit 1 Code &PPT Preview 242.5 kB + – Cocoa and MVC in iOS 6 Lectures 01:36:36

This tutorial describes the application of iOS controls in creating an iOS application.

Controls in iOS Preview 19:02

This lecture deals with the Model View Controller architecture in iOS

MVC in iOS Preview 20:12

This is continuation of the Objective C lesson.

Objective C Basics - part 4 18:39

A discussion on objects and object oriented programming.

Overview Of Objects Preview 19:14

A look into some advance iOS controls.

Segmented Controls in iOS Preview 19:29

The source code  and presentation files for Unit 2.

Unit 2 Code &PPT Preview 277.9 kB + – Controls and Gestures in iOS 6 Lectures 01:34:39

This describes the memory model for iOS and its implications in application development.

Memory Management in iOS Preview 17:53

This video deals with properties, Protocols and categories the three important features of Cocoa.

Properties, protocols and Categories Preview 19:31

Description of Switch Slider and Button UI constructs for iOS

More UI Controls Preview 21:52

This lecture describes ViewControllers in detail.

View Controller in iOS Preview 17:39

Understanding Views in iOS.

Views Preview 17:44

Code and presentation for the unit 3

Unit 3 Code &PPT Preview 285.3 kB + – Controllers Management 5 Lectures 01:11:05

This video teaches you how to integrate a browser in your iOS application.

Integrating Browser in an App 18:12

Introduction to touch events in iOS

Touches and Gestures Preview 16:11

Learning how to uss the tab bar.

Tab bar in iOS 15:45

Learn how to integrate Picker in an application.

Using Picker in iOS 20:57

Source code and presentation files for the above topics

Unit 4 Code &PPT 267.9 kB + – Advance Controller Programming 7 Lectures 01:45:31

This video discusses the basics of Table view.

Introduction to table View 16:30

Deletion from the Table View

Delete From Table View Final 15:49 TableView - Addition 23:37 Navigation 17:30 Creating a Window App 05:56 Scrolling View 26:09 Unit 5 Code &PPT 316.5 kB + – Persistence in iOS 6 Lectures 01:30:32 File System in iOS 21:58

Introduction to Sqlite3

Sqlite 3 Part1 for iOS 22:09 Sqlite3 Part2 16:09 Plist Final Preview 13:30 Grouped Table 16:46 Unit 6 Code&PPT 226.8 kB + – Advance Graphics and Touch 5 Lectures 01:19:43 Blocks 18:35 Location based Apps in iOS 22:57 Quartz Final 15:35 Multi Touch App 22:36 Unit 7 Code &PPT 180.2 kB + – Multimedia Features in iOS 5 Lectures 01:03:03 Core Data 25:12 Key Value Coding 07:18 Motion Apps in iOS 20:51 Playing Video 09:42 Unit 8 Code &PPT 354.4 kB + – Advance Features in iOS 7 Lectures 01:38:08 Using Address Book Part 1 16:16 Using Address Book Part 2 14:08 Camera Final 16:35 OpenGL ES in iOS 18:19 OpenGL ES in iOS - Part 2 18:27 Localization in iOS 14:23 Unit 9 Code &PPT 196.9 kB + – Networking and Notifications 6 Lectures 01:29:04 Core Image 18:36 Making networked apps in iOS 24:01 Notifications in iOS 21:45 Twitter framework in iOS 13:43 Unit 10 Code &PPT
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