Learn to Build Apps with Mendix

Warren Eiserman Solution Architect, Udemy

This online course walks business users through the entire process of building and running web and mobile applications, using a modern high productivity software platform called Mendix

The course provides a real world scenario and takes participants through the building of a complete booking system for a fictitious travel agency – Bounce Travel. Complete with familiar characters and set in a modern business context. We provide reference manuals, screencams, project files (so you can start from anywhere) and Quick Access Guides so you can feel confident when working with the Mendix solution.

The best part is the complete application is built without writing a single line of code, using Mendix – the app platform for the enterprise.

Category: Technology
  • What are the requirements?
    • Some Business Experience
    • Understand basic application concepts
    • Windows Operating system if you want to install Mendix Business Modeller
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 41 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
    • Build Web and Mobile Applications
    • Deliver business applications in record time
    • Learn Agile development tool
  • What is the target audience?
    • Business Analysts
    • Software Application Architects
    • Junior Developers

SECTION 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to Mendix
  • Course Overview
  • SECTION 2: Stories
  • Stories (Business Requirements)
  • SECTION 3: Web App Platform
  • Introduction to the Web App Platform
  • Registering, Creating a New Company and Logging in
  • Screen Layout of the Mendix Web App Platform
  • Start a New Mendix Project on the Web App Platform
  • SECTION 4: Business Modeler
  • Download Mendix Business Modeler
  • Capture Stories and Create Sprints on the Web App Platform
  • Create a Project on the Mendix Business Modeler
  • Navigating the Mendix Business Modeler
  • Creating the Domain Model
  • SECTION 5: Data Modeler
  • Creating Entities in the Mendix Business Modeler
  • Downloading and importing a Business Modeler Project file
  • Creating Relationships (Cardinality)
  • Delete Behaviours
  • Validation Rules
  • SECTION 6: Web Forms / Layouts
  • Creating more entities and enumerations
  • Running the Application in Mendix and Viewing it in the Browser
  • Create a Form
  • Create a Master Data Page
  • SECTION 7: Navigation
  • Build Navigation
  • Capture Master Data
  • SECTION 8: Security
  • Security
  • Logging in
  • Generalizations and Customer Registration Forms
  • SECTION 9: Microflows
  • What are Microflows
  • More on Microflows
  • Event Handlers
  • SECTION 10: Completing our Stories
  • Stories
  • As a Customer I want to be able to Request a Flight Booking (Create a Request)
  • As a Customer I would like to View my History of Previous Travel Requests
  • As a Travel Agent I would like to make a Provisional Booking Based on a Customer
  • As a Travel Agent I want to Send a Customer a Provisional Booking to Review
  • Stories and the WAP Revisited
  • As a Travel Agent I want to Receive an Error if there isn't Anymore Space on a F
  • As an Agent I want to Cancel All Provisional Bookings that have not been Accepte
  • As an Agent I want to Confirm Bookings Customers have Paid for so they don't Exp
  • SECTION 11: Device profiles/ Going mobile
  • Going Mobile - Creating a Mobile Layout, Enable Mobile Device Type and Create Mo
  • SECTION 12: Team Server
  • Team Server
  • Conclusion
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