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Build online shopping website + Best Online vendors site that will give you cheapest products + Targeting customers

First off All , who is this course for?

Do you have Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Camera's Accessories, Mobiles, Headphones, Mini Camcorders , Bags & Cases, Computer components, Memory Cards, Watches, Fashion Jewelry, Car Electronics, Car Accessories, Tools Maintenance or whatever that you want to sell online but don't know how to build online shopping website ? so this course is for you.

After completing this course you don't need to pay web developers a $1000 of dollars to build a shopping website for you and even the developer will charge you monthly hundreds of dollars to maintain your website .

This course is for people that are serious about starting an online business .If you want to start online business and don’t know where to start so this course for you. No matter if you don’t know how to write the world most difficult web development languages e.g PHP , JS , etc .

With this course a restaurant waiter can also create professional online shopping website and can sell products online and earn thousand dollars monthly .


Follow A Proven Step By Step Process To Starting A Successful Online Store And Becoming Your Own Boss With this udemy course .

Chances are, you found this course because you’re tired. You’re tired of working at your day job. You’re tired of having to drag yourself out of bed every day to spend 7 – 9 hours at a place you don’t even like. You’re tired of having to answer to someone else.

After all, it’s about time you called the shots and became your own boss. It’s about time you set your own schedule. It’s about time you took charge of your life.

Most people think that starting your own online business is too risky & difficult. If you read the on internet or any other place you’ve probably heard by now that 70% of small online businesses fail during their first year of online business. And if you pay attention to this statistic, you’re making a huge mistake.

Why? It’s because most of the people who fail don’t know what they’re doing. Most people who fail jump right in without doing the research. They don’t know how to create awesome look website ,They pay to web developer to create website for them and the developers charge them 1000$ in months because they don’t know how to write computer languages . Most people who fail have no clue how to market their business. They don’t know How to target local customers .

In this course you are going to start you online shopping website by your self . No need to hire any web developer to pay him or her thousands of dollars monthly .

What you will learn in this course

You will learn creating online shopping website . 100% guaranteed

You will learn that from where to order product online in wholesale price .In this course i will walk you through world trusted online vendors .

You will learn step by step developing a complete website and also will learn how to deal with order once a customers order the product.

You will learn to give awesome design to your website.

Microdemy provides in this course over 50 videos and counting. You can jump around to those that are the most applicable to you , but all of them contain useful nuggets of wisdom

What you will learn in this complete course ?

In the first chapter You will learnBuilding complete online shopping website and understand its functions. It doesn't matter what you are . If you think that you can't create online shopping website because you don't know how to code the world most difficult programming languages e.g. PHP, JS so this is your big mistake .In this course the instructor will take you step by step creating a complete online shopping website . At the end of course you will have your own online shopping website .So you can start selling your own products and earn .Some of our students are earning $3000 - $5000 monthly just selling electronics products on their website .Basically what they do they order products fro the online vendors website and sell these products on their website just targeting their local customers.

In the seconds chapteryou will learn find genuine wholesale vendors from that will sell you products rock bottom prices. Discover the trusted vendor site from where you can order products for your website without any risk and fraud .In this course you will learn that ordering from online vendors from where you will get the products in very low prices . As our other students learn from our course to order products that we mentioned in this course .They order products in bulk and then they just put some extra dollars when they sell the same products on thier online shopping website.

In third chapter : In the first chapter you learn building a online shopping website and understand its functions e.g. creating coupons , setting up shipping methods etc. In this third chapter you learn step by step developing a complete online shopping site by using admin panel e.g. controlling stocks , dealing with customers , order reports , products stock checking , etc . You will love it :)

In the fourth chapter :The most important thing is for website now a days is Design . In this course you will learn how you can make your website awesome look . Definitely once you followed chapter 1 and you created online shopping site . But your web site design looks simple . In this chapter i will show you how make a sexy design online shopping website . I am kiddingnot sexy i mean giving a best design to the website. Don't be afraid you are not going to hire graphics designer and pay him or her thousands of dollars .Every thing you need to drag and drop 3 folders to your server. that’s it! your website will become one of the best design .

Honestly, anyone can put up an online store website by following this course, but the difference between success and failure is your ability to drive targeted customers to your website and your ability to complete the sale.

Thanks to the Internet, starting your own online business is as inexpensive and risk free as ever. One of the most amazing aspects of running an online business rather than a traditional brick and mortar store is that you can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By setting up a computer to manage your storefront for you, you can create a business that can be run for as little as $50 while freeing up your time to do things that you actually enjoy.

Awesome Look Online Store Awesome Sales

Most people who are new to the web are afraid of the technical aspects of launching a website. Because developing website is not easy and it takes a lot of time and hard work . Developing website needs some advance computer skills to be developed e.g Php , Js , Css , Html , . Most people learn HTML and Css very fast because these languages are easy to learn . But if you look at php so you run away from it .

In this course you will not write a single line of code. Even for design of website you don’t need to hire a graphics designer and pay 1000$

This course is completely awesome and will teach you easy to build you online store without hiring a developer or designer . You will learn step by step developing and change the bad design to awesome design.

Finding Cheap Products on Internet is Difficult and Risky .

It’s true. Finding products to sell by using the search engines and the Internet is difficult to do. Why? It’s because the Internet is full of scammers and middlemen who pretend to be wholesalers and are just waiting to rip you off.

In fact, looking online for products to sell using the search engines is probably the worst way to find wholesale vendors for your online store.

The truth is that most legit wholesalers don’t advertise online and rarely advertise at all. They don’t advertise because they don’t want every little mom and pop store contacting them to ask to sell their products. Instead, most wholesalers only want to deal with legit, honest businesses that can sell in sufficient volumes.

I will teach you how to find legit wholesalers for your store and how to distinguish the true distributors from the scammers so you can buy your goods at rock bottom prices.

You Need To Hit A Home Run With Your Business

In fact, This Course advocates the complete opposite mindset. This course is all about teaching you how to create an online business that suits your lifestyle so you can spend more time with your friends and family and focus on doing the things that you love.

If your end goal is to earn enough money so you can quit your day job and be your own boss, you only have to go for a base hit. Your business doesn't have to be the next big thing and aiming small doesn't preclude you from making a lot of money either.

Building An Online Store Requires A Large Budget

You absolutely do NOT need a large marketing budget at all. The big media conglomerates don’t control advertising anymore. In fact, there are many effective methods of marketing and advertising that are absolutely free.

You need only budget for domain name and hosting server not more then 55$ .For advertising I will show you in marketing chapter that how you will market your products to target local customers.

No matter if you are not programmer . Even teenagers can create a successful store through this course .

In my course, I will walk you through many different ways to market your online business for no money also In addition, You will learn also in this course how to target customers and sell localy .

The beauty of running a store online is that you can easily track the effectiveness of all of your marketing campaigns. I will teach you how to set up a Google Analytics account to measure all aspects of your website so that you can easily fine tune and improve your conversion rate.

Finally, I will turn you into a pay per click marketing expert by teaching you the most effective way to use facebook for your online store.

You Can Figure Everything Out On Your Own By Surfing The Web

While there’s a ton of information freely available on the Internet, trying to digest all of the different strategies, opinions and the ‘latest and greatest’ ways to start a profitable online business only leads to information overload.

The “It's time to quit your shitty job & start your own business " course only teaches you what you need to know and leaves out the fluff. It’s simple, intuitive, easy to follow and just what you need to launch your store without making any silly mistakes.

More importantly, how many so-called experts out there actually run their own online store and practice what they preach? Why would you want to follow someone who doesn’t already walk the talk and have a highly successful online store to prove it?

Once you sign up for the course, I will be available to answer your questions should you ever get stuck. In addition, you can share your experiences with other students in the Udemy class through our online questions

It’s Too Hard To Sell Without Relying On Ebay Or Other sites

While it’s very easy to get started selling your goods in marketplaces like Ebay or other sites, it’s very difficult to make a decent profit. Not only do Ebay and other sites take a good chunk out of your profits but it’s also difficult to make your storefront stand out among thousands of other shop owners. In addition, these services can and will raise prices and change their policies at a moment’s notice.

So instead of putting yourself at the mercy of the Ebay’s and other sites of the world, you should be asking yourself why you are building up a shop that is controlled by someone else. Do you want to be in control of your own destiny? The only way to do this is start your own web property. So stop relying on the other sites and the Ebays of the world. These sites are good for getting your feet wet but will prevent you from ever growing.

And most importantly, you don’t need these sites to sell your goods online! Your website will be under your control .

You Have To Be A Computer Whiz To Manage A Website And Server

If you are completely new to creating websites, managing an online store might seem like a daunting task. And most people have this misconception that you either have to figure things out all by yourself or pay someone a hefty sum of money to help you out.

This is completely false. When it comes to creating an online shopping site , there are many solutions out there that encompass all different skill levels. As part of the course, I will help you discover which solution you are most comfortable with depending on the level of exposure you want to the technical aspects of running a store.

No matter if yo are using computer first time so you can build a complete online shopping website through this complete course

If you want to learn more about how to run a server and how websites work, then great! If you just want to get your store up and running and focus on selling, then that’s fine as well.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Computer or Laptop
    • Internet
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 47 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
    • You will build your online shopping website where you can sell your products online
    • You will learn that the best vendors online from where you can order products in very low price and sell these products on your online shopping website
    • You will learn how to make awesome sexy design of website so that will attract more customers
    • You will learn marketing and getting customers to sell your products online
  • What is the target audience?
    • Who wants to start online business

SECTION 1: Building Online Shopping Website from Scratch & Understand its Functions
  • Introduction of the Course
  • Register a Domain Name
  • Register a Hosting Server
  • Connecting Domain and Hosting server each other
  • Downloading Script
  • Uploading Script on Server
  • Creating Database and Inserting Users
  • Installation of Script on Server
  • Dashboard Ovreview
  • Insert - Delete - Rename Categories & Sub Categories
  • Adding Products on Website
  • Filling Informations
  • Change the Title
  • Work on Banner
  • Removing Side category from Single Page
  • Working on Logo and Icon
  • Location setting
  • Making Product Featured
  • Featured Image Size
  • Sending Newsletterss
  • Work on Currencies
  • Submitting Reviews
  • Enable Disable Review Option
  • Adjusting Image Size
  • Guest Checkout Option
  • Payment Option Setup
  • Creating Coupons Codes
  • Removing of Numbers Inside Subcategories
  • Inserting Coutries Names
  • Putting Website on Under Maintenance Mode
  • Change the Stock Availablity Option
  • Shipping Method
  • How Many Time Product Viewed
  • Product Sales Report
  • Selling Digital Products online
  • SECTION 2: Ordering Products From Trusted Online Vendors
  • Intro of the chapter
  • Overview of Vendor website
  • Joining Vendor Site
  • Product Overview
  • SECTION 3: Building Complete Website A to Z and Dealing with the Order
  • Chapter Ovreview
  • Designing Logo and Uploading on Online Shopping Website
  • Start Over with Category
  • Inserting Products That You Want to Sell On your Online Site projects
  • Products on Online Shopping Website
  • Uploading the banner of the products
  • Dealing with The Order
  • SECTION 4: Give a Awesome Look to your Website
  • Giving Awesome Look to your Website
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