An Introduction to UK Law by ORA Prep

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An interactive online law course for students applying to study law at UK universities

Course Synopsis

We may not realise it, but we actually come into contact with the law every day – virtually every aspect of your life that you can possibly think of is, in some way, governed by the law. Thus, law is an extremely broad subject and requires a lot of intensive study. Needless to say, the rewards are high: a career in law can be interesting, fulfilling and financially lucrative. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you want to pursue a legal career, law is a fascinating academic discipline in its own right.

This Introduction to law course will provide you with a brief overview of some of the fundamental areas of law that you will study in an undergraduate degree, such as criminal law, contract law, EU law, and the law of tort. Each tutorial will also provide you with career advice, tips for applying to university, and useful guidance for legal interviews. This combination of academic instruction combined with applications and careers advice provides a thought-provoking and useful course for any students thinking of studying law at university and beyond.

What's Included?

This courses consists of 4 X interactive lectures - audio recordings with accompanying presentation material - each taking approximately 1 hour to complete. Our unique, on-demand, interactive delivery system means that students are able to start instantly and work through material at their own pace. The interactive format ensures that the learning process is engaging and enjoyable, with regular quizzes and exams to enable students to check that they are following the topics covered. This courses is available to start instantly online through Udemy – once you’ve chosen the course you want to take, you can get started straight away.

How Does it Work?

The course is broken down into tutorials, which is an interactive presentation accompanied by an audio lecture that takes around 1 hour to complete. Each tutorial is broken down into its major topics, chapters, which are navigated via tabs at the top of the screen. This ensures that course content is broken down into bitesized educational units that are easy to digest, and also means that content is easily navigable at the pace of the student.

Why Take this Course?

This course is ideal preparation for students thinking of studying law at university or law school, particularly those applying to study law in the UK. It provides a taster of topics covered during a university law course, applications and career advice, and a wide range of additional resources.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Intermediate - Advanced Level of English
    • An enthusiasm and interest in the law!
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • To understand the fundamental principles of UK law
    • To understand what it means to be a lawyer, and the different paths available
    • To gain an insight into various academic areas of law
    • To help students apply for a Law degree with confidence
  • What is the target audience?
    • Students thinking of applying to study law at university
    • Students thinking of taking a law conversion course

SECTION 1: Introduction and Instructions
  • Introduction and Instructions
  • SECTION 2: Studying Law and Criminal Law
  • Studying Law and Criminal Law
  • Tutorial 1 Exam
  • SECTION 3: Constitutional Law and EU Law
  • Constitutional Law and EU Law
  • Tutorial 2 Exam
  • SECTION 4: Human Rights and Jurisprudence
  • Human Rights and Jurisprudence
  • Tutorial 3 Exam
  • SECTION 5: Contract Law and Tort Law
  • Contract Law and Tort Law
  • Tutorial 4 Exam
  • SECTION 6: Final Exam
  • Final Exam
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