Fast and Easy App Development For Everyone



If you have an App idea or if you simply want to build Apps that millions of people can use and enjoy, then you are at the right place. This easy to follow course shows you all the steps of building amazing Apps from scratch.

Learn how to build and publish exciting mobile Apps without being confused and lost in the technicality. This course is tailored for you to get you started as fast as it gets!

Take this course and start your exciting journey into the world of Apps now!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone With an App Idea
  • Anyone Who Wants To Build Apps Fast and Hassle Free
  • Anyone Who Wants a Piece of The Evergreen Market of Apps

  • MAC or PC

What Will I Learn?
  • How to Get Started With Apps Without being Confused
  • How To Learn App Development Without Hassle
  • What To Do If You Have an App Idea That You Want To Build Fast
  • 10 Mistakes Most People Make When They Get Into The World of Apps
  • Why Jumping In Coding Doesn’t Work… And What To Do About It
  • How To Use Advance Technologies To Reduce Work and Development Time
  • How To Make Your Apps Profitable
  • What To Look For When You Want To Start an App Project
  • Where To Find Awesome App Ideas
  • 3 Easy Strategies To Get Thousands of Downloads
  • 4 Awesome Hacks To Get Your Apps Out Fast!
  • Why Apps Fail and How To Avoid It

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 18 Lectures 01:22:57 + – Basics 9 Lectures 41:03 Ultimate List of 101 App Ideas! Preview 00:46

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Let's Start Building Awesome Apps Preview 01:10 Awesome and Free Resources Preview 01:07

This is the start to learning the best practices to app development.

How To Build Profitable Apps Preview 03:22 Million Dollar Opportunity Explained! Preview 00:25

As long as there is no revenue there is no business. To keep developing great apps and services and keep the business runnning we need to think of how we are going to capitalize on the things which we build and provide to the marketplace. This lecture is all about comparing different revenue channels.

How To Make Your App Profitable Preview 11:59

App architecture is a very important aspect when it comes to design, building the apps which work properly and serve the users the way you want comes down to a well thought archetecture and design. In this lecture we will be looking at the vital parts of an app and the parts which you need to consider when it comes to your app idea.

What a Successful App is Made of... 10:11

This lecture is all about the biggest debate when it comes to the nature of your project. Do you wanna build an app or a game? The correct answer based on your resources can make or break your succes in the app business world.

Games Vs. Apps - Which One Is Right For You? 06:16

Most of the developers and app business owners see the app market only available to the online services. But the truth is that offline businesses can take advantage of what is available these days to increase sales and business exposure. This lecture is all about comparing apps designed for online and offline purposes.

Online Vs. Offline - When To Use The Power of Internet To Boost Your App 05:47 + – Start It All and Tools 6 Lectures 20:03

Market research can save you from spending lots of time and money when it comes to developing any sort of product or service. This lecture is all about the basic understanding of what market research is and how you can take advantage of it to make sure that you have a working idea.

Find Out What People Want and Willing to Pay You For 02:18

In this lecture we are gonna have a look at the tools which we need to start app development. we will discussing what is neccessary and what not and how to setup your environment.

Secret Tools To Help You Get Things Done Faster and Easier 04:07

PhoneGap is one of the most popular technologies to develop cross platform apps. Using PhoneGap you can build native like apps using HTML, JS, Css. The cool thing is that you can even use the native capabilities of the device such as GPS, Storage, Camera, etc. PhoneGap is becomming more and more popular as more and more developers use it to develop their apps due to the fact that you need to write your code once and deploy it everywhere.

This Awesome Technology Saves You Years 00:55

jQuery mobile is one of the most popular libraries to build great mobile friendly user interface. It gives you all the elements needed to build your custom UI in the shortest time possible.

Design Your App Fast and Easy 01:13

This lecture is all about comparing the two biggest approaches of app development. Native or Cross-platform? We will be having a look at advantages and disadvantages of each side and pick the one which suits your project better.

One Short-cut That Can Cut The Development Time in Half 06:38

Marketing your app could be one of the most important parts of any app business. Without enough exposure your app will die out. This lecture is about the most important and standard practices to get your app out there and get the exposure you deserve.

How to Promote Your Apps To The World 04:52 + – An App In One Go! 3 Lectures 21:51

This handson lecture will take you through each step of the way and show you the whole porocess which you need to go through to build your very first app.

Over The Shoulder App Project In One Go! 18:56

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Where To Go From Here 01:25 What is Next? 01:30
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