10 Weeks: holistic nutrition program

Maya Nahra, RD, LD, Udemy

Each week, you will receive both the teaching
audio/visual + the workbook for each week (in addition to extra tools and
goodies to download!) on this holistic nutrition course.What's each of the 10 Weeks all about? Check it all out here:
Week 1: Why am I really here? ClarityThere’s a big difference between losing weight for a
vacation and losing weight to run around with your grandchildren. This holistic nutrition course
is NOT for the vacation go-ers. Get clear on what you want. Get ready to man-up
to your excuses. Get grounded in your new foundations.
Week One Objectives

Get clear on what you really want and why you want it, for lasting change.
Heighten your awareness for what’s going on round you right now in your life.
Learn what action plans and how to implement them
Learn how to use tools in your action plans to make your dream food relationship a reality.
Redefine success for an empowering, self-motivator.
Identify (to avoid) the ‘I deserve’ trap that will suck you in and sabotage your efforts.

 Week 2: For the Atkins drop out. Carbohydrates
Although they are both sugar, there’s an important difference between
vegetables and bread. Learn why they are not the enemy, why you need
them, and how to incorporate them + which ones to absolutely stay away
from.Week Two Objectives

Differentiate between the types of carbohydrates.
Understand why carbs are not the devil.
Learn what carbs to eat & which to temporarily cut for weight loss.
Identify the carbs that offer no nutritional value to your body or your mind.
Understand how sugar and insulin work in the body.
Learn how to light your fire, feeding your metabolism while balancing your blood sugar for effortless weight loss
Get your 80 real food snack list
Identify sugars in your diet and how they affect you.
Build the awareness necessary to discover just how much carbohydrate your body needs.
Week 3: There's what in my food!? Additives and Preservatives
5 Ingredients or less doesn’t mean anything if all five of them are
different forms of sugar. Learn about common food additives and
preservatives plus what they do to your body (and how you are
DEprioritizing your own weight loss by consuming them).Week Three Objectives

Learn what food additives and preservatives are and why we use them
Identify (to avoid) Trans fats in your food.
Learn what nitrates and nitrites are.
Get the list of natural sugars vs. refined sugars.
Understand why refined sugars should be omitted immediately.
Learn about the dangers of artificial sweeteners.
Identify real food vs. food disguised as food.
Pick apart junk food in your own cupboard.
Practice the 7 day real food only challenge.
Week 4: Tempeh who? Protein
Chicken… again? We need it, but there hundreds of other kinds of
protein out there too. Learn what protein does plus other sources of it
including tofu, tempeh, nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, and more.Week Four Objectives

How to identify the amount and types of protein that are right for your body.
Learn the difference between essential amino acids, complete proteins, and incomplete proteins.
Learn the danger of too much protein.
Lists of carnivore, veggie (vegetarian), and super veggie (vegan) sources of protein
Identify what type of protein eater you really are.
Identify the difference between grass fed, grain finished, omega 3, organic, and pastured, natural labels
Learn why eating the whole egg is a must.
Learn about the isolation of nutrients and how to pick a multivitamin.
Identify missing combinations in your diet for max amount of feel good.
Learn how to use these new proteins in your ‘Weird Food Guide’
Week 5: Let's do this together.  Building SupportIs your husband or wife the best person to check in
with? In this holistic
nutrition course, learn what successful support systems entail, in food,
in change, in life.
Week Five Objectives

How to be your own best support partner.
How your perception can make or break your day.
Identify the top 5 support killers, that you do to yourself.
Implement a time-tested model to expand your awareness and shift your thoughts.
How to choose the best of the best support partners for you.
Identify key qualities needed in successful support partners.
Work the three steps to get your best support partners.
Week 6: Fat is good for me? Fat
Fat won’t make you fat… I promise. Learn why we need it, how to get it,
where to use it, and what kinds to absolutely steer clear of.

Week Six Objectives

Identify the different types of fat.
Learn why fat won’t make you fat, plus why you need it.
Identify the one type of fat to omit from your diet immediately.
Learn what are essential fatty acids, which one you need, and where to get it.
Shift your perception of the almighty saturated fat, plus why we need it.
Identify how much fat you need in your diet.
Learn why my diet is 50% fat.
Put to rest the butter and margarine debate… for good.
Learn why processed and refined oils are no good for the body.
Learn the smoke points of oils, plus which oils are best  for each cooking method.
Get a list of the Top 15 oils and their uses
Week 7: But I don’t have time: Meal Planning
Think healthy food is expensive? Think again. Learn the 4 basic steps
of meal planning and how to implement it NOW for any number of people.Week Seven Objectives

Learn why it is important to make time for meal planning
Learn the four steps to proper meal planning
Practice creating healthy convenience for yourself and your family
Learn additional tips and tricks to help make meal planning faster and more delicious.
Week 8: A moment on my lips, forever on my hips: Intentful Eating
Eat what you love AND reach your goals. It’s all about mindset. Learn
the difference between ‘mindful’ eating and ‘intentful’ eating plus why
one will get closer to your goals than the other.Week Eight Objectives

Learn the difference between mindful eating and intentful eating
Identify why we eat
Understand why deprivation is not sustainable
Learn why emotional eating is not such a bad habit after all
Identify what you eat based on your moods
Learn how to become an intentful eater
Learn how to eat the foods you love while maintaining forward momentum towards your goals
Week 9: Screw it. Stress
Bad day? Old programming is to blame for what you may reach for. Learn
how to design a new system for habit change, uniquely and effectively.

Week Nine Objectives of this holistic nutrition course

Identify the physical and emotional effects stress has on the body
Identify the two main areas where stress creeps into your life
Identify specific situations that cause the most stress in your life right now
Learn how to shift your perception of stress to decrease the stress
Learn the importance of creating an action plan for stress management in relation to your overall goals
Week 10: But there's a bump in my road! Continued Success
Learn how to ‘Build-A-Plan’ to maintain your goals through any life
experience. The cool thing is, your plans will become your systems, and
your systems will become your new habits.

Week Ten Objectives

Reframe current definitions of hard work and success
Learn how to maintain your forward progression through life’s activities including social events, vacations, and holidays.
Learn and apply the five key steps in ‘speed bump management’
Understand keys areas of focus when feeling ‘stuck’ in your journey
Learn 3 ways to build resilience to keep you moving forward
Understand the perfect progression in your journey and why you keep goingTake this ultimate holistic nutrition course right
now and stay fit.

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