Digital Marketing Course: How to Promote Your Business Online

Taimour Zaman, Udemy

Flourish your business through our digital media online training!

Flourish Digitally is an "always up to date" social media bootcamp training that provides its students with the latest trends/tips/methodologies using the newest 'thought leaders' from key disciplines (strategy, marketing, social media) and encompasses "how to's" to help execute successful social media campaigns.

With over 15 experts from different disciplines, this phenomenal online training program covers everything from strategy, marketing, storytelling and social media tactics.

Funded by Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and approved by various universities and colleges such as University Ontario Institute of Technology, this is a program you want to make sure you sign up for.

The programs has been designed for business unit managers in need of:

  1. Refreshing marketing plans and messaging.
  2. Understanding which social media strategies/applications/tools they should pick for their business unit, why and how to use it.
  3. How to integrate their marketing plans with social media .
  4. How to engage online followers and turn them into offline customers

The course is divided in two parts. Flourish Digitally Part 1 of the course will teach you how the secrets in creating a social media strategy and how you can use the most popular social media platform for your business.

Flourish Digitally Part 2, you will learn a more comprehensive approach on how to use social media in your online marketing campaign. Here are some

  1. How to grow your a Facebook Fan page.
  2. How to use Twitter to Connect with Customers.
  3. How to use Pinterest in marketing.
  4. How to create a marketing plan.
  5. How to tell your story.
  6. How to write for social media.
  7. How to engage in social media conversations.
  8. How to monitor and measure your social media results.
  9. How to create an internal social media policy for your business' campaign.

As a BONUS, you will receive a social media strategy template that experts have used and has proven to be effective in their social media marketing efforts.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Basic knowledge of Social Media
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 17 lectures and 48 mins of content!
    • You will discover secrets in creating a social media strategy
    • Learn how to write a mission statement.
    • Learn how small businesses tap into social media.
    • Learn how Facebook timeline works for small businesses.
    • Learn how to use Twitter for Business.
    • Learn how to set up a company profile in Linkedin.
    • Learn how to use YouTube in social media marketing.
    • Learn how to use Google Plus for business.
    • LEarn how to use Pinterest for your business.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Business owners, Marketing Professionals who are looking for ways to capture new customers and new markets using digital media.

SECTION 1: How Business Goals can be Associated with Social Media?
  • What is there to understand in a Business?
  • Identifying Customers and Consumers
  • How to Create a Business Strategy?
  • What do you measure in a Business and Why? How to produce breakthrough result?
  • What are some common problems faced by the industry and businesses?
  • Challenges Facing Small Businesses by OPEN Forum
  • How do small business tap into social media?
  • The Power of the Consumer - Consumers Pumping Up the Volume
  • SECTION 2: Social Media Business Execution 1
  • Facebook Timeline for Small Business
  • How to Use Twitter for Business
  • Set up your Company Page on LinkedIn
  • Social Media Marketing with YouTube
  • Google+ for Businesses
  • How To Use Pinterest For Your Business
  • What Is StumbleUpon?
  • How to Unlock Your World with Foursquare
  • SECTION 3: Complete the course here... Flourish Digitally Part 2
  • Flourish Digitally Part 2
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