Go Capture: The Art of Capturing Your Ideas



Learn to focus your ideas, communicate them to clients and team members, work more efficiently and master the basic skill of creativity: CAPTURE.

You'll learn how to apply right and left brain techniques to achieve creative flow, clear structure, control and passion.

Whether you're writing, animating, painting, sculpting or designing apps, this course will help you capture your ideas faster and better than ever before.

Who is the target audience?
  • Writers
  • Animators
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Anyone who creates anything for a living (or wants to)

  • Some experience (even as a hobby) in any creative field: writing, drawing, sculpting, designing of any kind etc.

What Will I Learn?
  • Communicate your ideas
  • Focus your work
  • Work faster without compromising quality
  • Spend time experimenting instead of fixing mistakes
  • Master the fundamental building block of of creativity - the creative atom.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 26 Lectures 01:12:37 + – Why Capture? 6 Lectures 13:32 Questions answered 1 page

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A short Introduction 01:16 What is Capture Preview 03:55 Why Capture Is Important Preview 07:38 Why Capture? - Printable Summary 1 page What's next? 00:43 + – Capturing Techniques 8 Lectures 18:15 Get Personal 04:00 Capture the Whole 01:45 Capture the Structure 01:23 Sprinkle a Few Details 02:42

How to add clarity to your captures by exaggerating your statement.

Exaggeration 02:44

Achieving focus and big-picture clarity by moving up and down the simplicity scale.

The Core of the Heart of the Essence 04:51 Capturing Techniques - Printable Summary 1 page Capturing Techniques 4 questions What's next? 00:50 + – Combining Logic and Intuition 7 Lectures 18:40

Perception depth through our two brains.

The Dual Engine 01:44 Dry Captures 01:29

The benefits of dry captures.

Why Go Dry? 03:55 Wet Captures 01:17

The benefits of wet captures.

Why Go Wet? 03:06

Why creatives should make peace with their left brain.

Is the Left Brain Evil? 02:10

3 capturing techniques for creating collaboration between your left and right brains.

Synergy Techniques 04:59 Wet Captures, Dry Captures 5 questions + – Conclusion 5 Lectures 05:06

Last bits of advice on how practice your capturing.

Conclusion 05:05 More courses + coupon 1 page Candy!! Get your Go*Capture wallpaper here :) 00:01 CAPTURE Examples and Exercises [Field-Specific] 4 pages

6 "secret weapons" I've been using to capture my ideas.

The Capture Toolbox: Power Tools For Capturing Your Ideas 9 pages
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