Create Your Business Narrative: Bank on Content



This course helps you to drive traffic to your business whether online or offline. It equips you with the tools to get started with your own content marketing program. It teaches you how to use content marketing to build your brand by engaging your audience with effective story-telling. The course will take between one to two hours but its structured for you to view videos and read short chapters at certain moments throughout your day.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is designed to address very basic information in the beginning, and then it progresses to more advanced information toward the end.
  • Corporate executives
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs

  • Mac, PC or tablet

What Will I Learn?
  • Drive traffic to your business
  • Showcase your thought leadership
  • Create high-quality stories
  • Engage current and future clients
  • Stay ahead of industry trends

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 27 Lectures 01:02:13 + – Course Overview 1 Lecture 03:52

*Summarizes the course and tells you what you will learn

*Describes the goals and objectives, course requirements and length

Course Overview Preview 03:52 + – Introduction 3 Lectures 09:11

Learn how telling a good story benefits your business

The Power of a Story Preview 08:46 The Power of a Story: Make them Care 1 page The following is a short quiz to determine how well you understood the key topics. Feel free to go back and review the section and take the quiz again.

The Power of a Story 10 questions Assessment of Current Marketing Efforts 00:25 + – Overview: Content Marketing 9 Lectures 26:07

Learn how the social culture has evolved the way we do business.

The Content Revolution 03:18

Create quality content by understand what works and what doesn't work.

The Secrets to Quality Content 02:00

Learn how not to stray away from your topic and your content goals.

3 Ways to Keep Your Content Focused 03:20

Tell people how you want them to respond.

Recruit with a Call to Action 03:49

Find out how connections share and engage readers by getting them talking.

Engage Readers 03:22

Use your content to encourage your audience to explore your products and services.

Spark Curiosity by Using Scientific Skills 03:10

Use content to make your business the leading authority on a topic in your industry.

Establish Your Business as a Thought-Leader 02:58 The Elements of a Good Content Plan 02:01

Make decisions concerning the types of content you want to produce and plans about the topics you will cover.

Set Up a Solid Content Strategy 02:09 + – Solidify Your Content Strategy with 3 Effective Ingredients 4 Lectures 00:59

Solidify your content strategy with effective ingredients like audience segmentation, key messages and headlines.

Overview Preview 00:59

Learn about your audience by dividing them into groups.

Audience Segmentation 2 pages

Tell people they should care about your business with compelling messages.

Key Messages 1 page

Turn a browser into a reader with compelling headlines.

Headlines 2 pages + – Get Known with Content Distribution Channels that Work 4 Lectures 00:39

Learn how to get known with content distribution channels currently considered the most effective.

Overview 00:39

Open the conversation about your brand by going online.

Social Media 2 pages Videos 2 pages In-person events 1 page + – 2013 Trends 4 Lectures 00:47

Introduces section that helps you stay up-to-date with current trends.

Overview 00:47

Infographics use graphic visuals to tell the brands story.

Infographics 1 page

Agile marketing increases your ability to respond to market changes.

Agile Marketing 2 pages

Content curation helps brand-storytelling by making the business a go-to resource.

Content Curation 2 pages + – Conclusion 2 Lectures 03:51

This lecture concludes the course.

Supplementary material includes works cited.

Conclusion 03:33 Assessment of Course 00:18 + – 10 Minute Marketing Tips Workshop 0 Lectures 00:00
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