Create & Align Your Company Culture For Success



If you are a busy entrepreneur or professional who started hiring people as needed to grow your business, you are probably struggling with a variety of cultures in your business. A strong culture is easier to manage and provides great benefits for small businesses such as loyalty and higher retention. The lessons in this course will walk you through scenarios that easily exemplify these concepts.

• Understand what corporate culture means to a small business

• Strategize and build a strong culture for your small business

• Identify how your vision will translate into your culture

• Learn how to manage change and direct your company to your vision

• Learn to empower your people and promote leadership

Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners who want to overcome typical challenges to grow their business

What Will I Learn?
  • Understand culture for small business
  • Learn to asses your culture and how to manage change
  • Learn to promote leadership and create a strong team

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 11 Lectures 35:11 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 02:01

A quick introduction to the course objectives and some tips on using Udemy.

Introduction to the Objectives of the Course and Udemy Preview 02:01 + – Understanding Organizational Culture 2 Lectures 07:47

This lesson is about assessing your culture from your point of view and analyzing it against both the employee view and your desired culture

Assessing the Current Culture Preview 05:00

This lesson identifies the building blocks of culture and how they interrelate

The Building Blocks of Culture 02:47 + – Your Vision 3 Lectures 07:34

This lesson includes the information you need to build your company vision

Creating Your Vision 03:39

This lesson covers the steps to take when you have built your vision.

Building on Your Vision 01:59

This lesson covers the key points on how to bring your team on board with the culture

Bringing Your Team Onboard 01:56 + – Implementing the Change 2 Lectures 10:02

This lesson covers the change management process and how people react to change

Managing People Through the Change 07:00

This lesson speaks to the accountability of the leader in managing through a change in culture

Leadership Accountability 03:02 + – Working Through Resistance 2 Lectures 06:20

This lesson provides two examples of how vision, commitments and culture interrelate

When the Vision and Culture Clash 02:28

Some tips on how to recognize and act on resistance to change

When People Don't Change Preview 03:52 + – Course Summary and Close 1 Lecture 01:27

A quick summary and a deal for other courses

Course Conclusion Preview 01:27
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