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In this Camtasia Studio 8 Tutorial you will have a deep understanding of How to Use Camtasia Studio 8.


Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 21 Lectures 02:09:52 + – This is Camtasia 8 - VIEW IN FULL SCREEN PLEASE 1 Lecture 03:30

 If you want to create stunning professional videos but don't  have $20,000 to spend on equipment and editing software then Camtasia Studio 8 may be a perfect solution for you. With custom music, templates and easy-to-use point and click interface you can easily create demo videos, training movies and product release platforms.

This is Camtasia 8 - VIEW IN FULL SCREEN PLEASE Preview 03:30 + – Getting Started 4 Lectures 33:06

Check out the three main areas you will be working in whilst using Camtasia 8. The clip bin, timeline and canvas.

Welcome to Camtasia 8 Preview 03:14

Access lots of cool backgrounds, callouts and music - all for free.

Library Of Goodies Preview 08:32

The timeline is where the rubber meets the road. Here you will  be creating what will become your finished movie.

Getting to Know the Timeline 10:31

 The canvas is where you will create what will become your finished product.

Easy to use but there are a few rules of the road to save you time and effort later on as well as helping create a better finished product.

Camtasia Canvas 10:49 + – Camtasia Basics 5 Lectures 28:01

Callouts make your videos fun and engaging. They can draw your veiwers eyes to certain parts of the movie as you record a commentary or just make it more dynamic.

Callout Magic 05:15

How to edit the size of videos you import and how to save your Camtasia projects.

Editing Your Video Clips Size 07:13

Somtimes you will want to cut out small imperfections in your recording. Here's how to do it.

Trimming Media 05:08

Let Camtasia take care of all the zoom and pan effects for you.

Auto Zoom 05:25

A really nice 'cheat' to linger on a frame you really like.

Extending Frames 05:00 + – Cool Effects 5 Lectures 29:50

Zoom into the parts of the video you want to emphasise and then pan over to another part. Another cool part of your video editing tool kit.

Zoom and Pan Effect 03:57

Make your presentations sizzle with cool visual effects.

Using Visual Effects 09:51

How to use the cursor as part of your screen capture.

Cursor Effects 03:07

Transitions allow you to smoothly go from one video clip to another. They also allow you to bridge between images or other media on your timeline.

Transitions 08:47

Captions are very useful if you want your video to be understood by the hard of hearing but they are also a great way to add another level of usability to your movies.

Adding Captions 04:08 + – Screen Recording 4 Lectures 20:31

What Camtasia was made for! How to size up and record your screen for best results.

Record The Screen 10:32

 Sweeten your audio tracks, remove unwanted noise and control when your music fades in and out.

Editing Your Audio 03:15

 A great way to add the audio commentary to your videos is to use the voice narration feature. This means you can add all your effects and edits and then relax as you focus on the commentary alone.

Voice Narration 02:34

All the hard work is now done. You can now produce your video in one or multiple formats for the web, YouTube or mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads or Andriods.

Producing Your Video 04:10 + – Extras 2 Lectures 14:54

Camtasia comes bundled with a cool PowerPoint plugin to let you record and import your ppt files into a project.

PowerPoint for Camtasia Plugin 04:21

With HTML5 you can now easily add some interaction to your video. You can conduct a knowledge check and even let your viewer review their answers or replay the last section of video once more. How cool is that!

Adding Quizzes to Your Videos 10:33
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