Budget - Save - Win. Simplify your financial life.



This in-expensive video course is designed to help you DOMINATE your finances.  Our goal is to motivate you and inspire powerful change in your life.  We will discuss:

1) A common sense approach to understanding your current financial situation.

2) How to create a simple plan that sets you and your family on a path to greatness.

3) Easy to follow tools that you can actually understand and implement.

4) Six financial principles that will help change your life forever.

5) Communication strategies that will help you argue less and smile more.

This 1 hour course is packed with life changing information. We promise not to bore you with complicated economics, investment jargon or insurance pitches.  Sign up today and start seeing great things happen with your finances.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone looking to take control of their money and create lasting financial freedom in their life.

  • Helpful to have a printer to be able to download and print off worksheets.
  • Not necessary, but helpful to purchase the book: Winning With Money by Aaron Coleman at www.amazon.com.

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you should have the knowledge and tools to help you eliminate debt, build savings and control your spending.
  • Create a common sense budget and plan with your money using easy to follow tools and information.

  • Learn how to better communicate with your spouse about money.

  • Implement sound financial principles that will help you take control of your life.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 12 Lectures 01:00:50 + – How to Win With Your Money 6 Lectures 33:40 In this first session, I will introduce the course and why basic money management can be a powerful tool in your life.  We will set the stage for the upcoming classes and give you a few challenge questions to think about as you go through the course. Introduction and Overview Preview 06:32 It's very important to understand how banks and credit unions make money.  I will explain how these institutions make money off of you, the consumer, and help you avoid making them rich while putting yourself in a hole.   How Banks and Credit Unions Make Money Preview 05:42 This is one of the most powerful sessions in the entire class.  We will explore the first and most important step in creating a money management plan for your life.  It all starts with understanding how much money you have coming in, how much money you have going out, and what's left over.  This class will give you information and tools to start that process. Identify: How to Assess Your Current Situation 05:01 In this session, we will go through a series of steps that will help you organize your funds.  These steps will show you how much you actually have to spend each month once your obligations are taken care of. Understand: How to Create Your Plan 05:11

Taking the work you’ve done in the previous two sessions, this session will show you a simple and effective way to make sure your money lasts the entire month.  No prescribed rules.  No envelopes or computers needed.  It’s all about knowing how much money you have left and making sure it lasts.

Execute: How to Implement Your Plan 08:34

Making your budget work for you is not an overnight process.  There are always challenges and obstacles to overcome.  This session will ask you some questions and give you some ideas on how to be flexible to overcome those challenges.

Your Budget: Challenges and Success 02:40 + – Key Winning Principles 6 Lectures 27:10

A key principle for many successful people is the presence of an Emergency Fund.  It’s always better to borrow on yourself than having to borrow from a lender when things go wrong.

Principle 1: Emergency Fund 03:36

Most people know what debt is.  But most people don’t know the difference between good debt and bad debt.  This session will look at when it is OK to borrow money – and when it is a better idea to save up.

Principle 2: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt 05:41

Investments are complicated.  I will give you a few tips on finding investment success in your life.  Hint: there is no magic pill.  It will take some courage and tough conversations.

Principle 3: Investments 03:13

What’s your net worth?  Most people have no idea.  I will walk you through the steps (not complicated) to figure out your net worth and why it’s important you know what it is.  Even if it’s negative.  You can’t change your net worth unless you know where to start.

Principle 4: Net Worth 06:29

Have you ever thought about giving?  We will discuss some intriguing questions around giving to help you better understand how you can make an impact in your community.  Hint: giving doesn’t only entail money…

Principle 5: Giving 02:31 My absolute favorite principle: Setting Goals!  You will miss 100% of the goals you never set.  This session will discuss the positive reasons to set goals and the power it can have in your life.  We will also conclude the course and wish you all the best going forward! Principle 6 and Conclusion: Setting Goals 05:40
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