Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn From Scratch

Jordan Hudgens, Udemy

Setting up Your Environment

Installing Rails
Installing Postgres
Installing RVM

Creating a Rails Application

Creating the application
Options for application creation
Database options and creation
Analyzing the file structure

Scaffolding the application

Scaffolding vs. model/controller generation vs. building from scratch
What do scaffolds create?
Creating the first scaffold
Updating the database

Rails console

The purpose of the Rails console
How to run queries in the console
Running in sandbox mode
Creating records in the database from the console
Deleting records in the database from the console
Updating records in the database from the console

Rails Routing

What are RESTful routes?
Basic fundamentals of routing
Configuring routes

Updating the views

What are erb view files?
Syntax for erb files
Different options for views, namely Haml
Working with the Rails asset pipeline
Asset pipeline images
Asset pipeline CSS
Asset pipeline Javascript

Updating the controllers

The purpose of controllers
Antipatterns for controllers
Customizing queries in the controller

Working with the model files

The purpose of model files
The type of code that should go in model files
Creating model files that aren’t active record models
Adding custom scopes to models
Adding data defaults to a model file
Integrating validations
Integrating callbacks

Database changes

What is a database migration?
Different ways to change the database schema
Integrating foreign keys into migrations
Adding columns to a database table
Removing columns from a database table

Helpful Gems/libraries

What are Ruby Gems?
When should I use a Gem?
Smart Listing
Font Awesome

Image uploads and management

Integrate gems to handle images
Securing config credentials
Integrate with the AWS S3 API
Managing uploads
How to display images with Carrierwave


Devise installation
Customizing devise
Login process
Logout process
Editing user information

Deploying to the Web

Deployment options
Deploying to Heroku
Heroku addons
Setting up a scheduled task

Advanced development

Gem development

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