Teaching Primary Science: Exploring Space

Tom Lyons, National STEM Learning Centre

Explore the Moon, Mars, and deep space with your primary pupils

The thrill of space exploration is an exciting context for teaching the primary curriculum.

On this course, you’ll learn how to use examples from space exploration to teach science and technology in school, and discover hands-on activities for your pupils to enjoy.

You’ll address common misconceptions about space, and explore current and future space missions.

As you explore the solar system and beyond, you’ll learn effective ways to engage pupils in science and wider STEM activities, and build a curriculum plan using the context of space exploration to support your pupils’ learning.

This course is for primary teachers of children aged 5-11 years. The course is aligned to the English National Curriculum, but teachers of other curricula will be able to explore how the topic of space exploration supports your pupils’ learning.

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  • 2021年4月26日
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  • 2019年9月23日
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