Supporting early career teacher development with the Early Career Framework

Polly Glegg, UCL (University College London)

Get ready for the Early Career Framework

The Department for Education’s (DfE) new Early Career Framework (ECF) sets out a statutory entitlement for two years’ professional development for early career teachers.

The ECF will be applicable to all new teachers in England from 2021. This course is aimed at school leaders and mentor teachers who will play a part in implementing the ECF. The course will help you to understand how to plan for and support early career teacher professional development through the ECF.

You’ll learn about perspectives on teacher expertise and learning, including pedagogical methods of teacher education. You’ll discuss your own understanding of teacher expertise with peers, as well as your vision for teacher development in your setting.

You’ll explore how the ECF is designed to support early career teachers’ professional development. And you’ll consider what additional learning your early career teachers will need to prepare them fully for your setting.

Implement the Early Career Framework

You’ll be introduced to the importance of implementation planning. You’ll learn about findings from research and practice and use these to consider your approach to implementing the ECF.

You’ll explore the idea that mentoring is specialised practice and hear from mentors and early career teachers involved in the early roll-out of the ECF. You’ll begin to plan for high quality mentoring in your own ECF programme.

The course is delivered by UCL Institute of Education, a global leader in teacher education. The Institute of Education evaluated the ECF pilot programmes and led the early roll-out of the ECF in the north of England. It is an accredited provider for the DfE’s national roll-out in 2021.

This course is is relevant to those working in education across subjects and phases from early years to sixth form, and in mainstream and special education provision.

It is aimed at anyone involved in meeting the requirements of the ECF in England from 2021, including:

  • School leadership, particularly those involved in teacher development.
  • Experienced teachers involved in teacher mentoring.
  • Early career teachers.
  • 2021年7月26日
  • 2021年7月05日
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