Train the Trainer: Training Design Certificate

Andrew Cumiskey, ATC Training

Learn how to consider training needs and create effective learning aims

This CPD accredited, five-week course provides an in-depth insight into how people learn, how to consider individual, group or organisational training needs and how to create effective learning aims and objectives.

You’ll be given all the practical tools and expert advice you need in order to plan and design first-rate courses.

Develop a knowledge of learning theories

You’ll get to grips with the different ways in which people learn, and will put a range of different learning theories into practice to meet learner, group and organisational needs.

You’ll create lesson plans, different programmes of work and training materials to promote inclusion and maximise learning to those students that you will be teaching.

Design inclusive learning programmes with SMART learning objectives

You’ll decipher how to best initiate learning programmes so they fit the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) learning objectives, and will identify different methods of assessment that can be incorporated into course design.

These can include oral presentations, group work and objective tests.

Learn from the experts at ATC Training

You’ll be guided throughout this 20 CDP accredited course content from Andrew Cumiskey; an experienced trainer and manager in operational training and learning and development at ATC Training.

They also offer two other CPD accredited Train the Trainer courses (the certificate in training delivery and training evaluation) covering all aspects of the teaching cycle. Complete all three to expand your understanding of the full cycle, or select one of the other courses to fill any knowledge gaps or add additional skills to your toolkit.

This course is designed for those teachers who currently (or might be in the future) are required to plan or design courses, training sessions or programmes.

It’s suited to those with no prior knowledge, as well as experienced trainers or training managers looking to fill knowledge gaps.

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  • 2020年11月16日
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