Write101x: English Grammar and Style


Learn how to use a knowledge of how words work to write in the style that readers value and that the university and the professions require.

About this Course

In the time-starved Internet world, where everyone’s a writer and everyone’s a reader, the demand for literacy is more intense than it has ever been. The ability to articulate ideas in smart, tight writing is crucial. Write101x will enable you to learn how words work so that you can write the concise, lucid, nuanced, and compelling prose that is so valued by readers. By providing you with a thorough grounding in grammar, syntax, and style, the course will sharpen and solidify your writing and editing competence and self-confidence.

Course Staff

  • Roslyn Petelin

    Roslyn teaches writing and editing at the University of Queensland, where she designed and convenes the postgraduate program in Writing, Editing, & Publishing, a flagship program established in 2001. She has also taught at the Queensland University of Technology and at Cornell University She has won many teaching awards, including one for her outstanding contribution to student learning from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

    She edited the Australian Journal of Communication (1988-2013), is a past President and Honorary Life Member of the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association, and has co-authored two books, The Professional Writing Guide: Writing Well and Knowing Why (with Marsha Durham) and Professional Communication: Principles and Applications (with Peter Putnis).

  • Gabrielle O'Ryan

    Gabrielle tutors in advanced grammar and professional writing at The University of Queensland, and tutors in creative writing and professional writing at Open Universities Australia (OUA), Griffith University. She has also tutored in literary theory, media studies, and creative writing at Southern Cross University and at Queensland University of Technology. She has studied writing and editing at the post graduate level with Dr Roslyn Petelin, and completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing in 2001. She has won various creative writing awards including the HarperCollins Varuna Award for Manuscript Development, and has authored articles in Continuum and The Australian Journal of Cultural Studies. She co-hosts a weekly radio show, Film Club, on Radio 4ZZZ, interviewing filmmakers and reviewing films.

  • Michael Lefcourt

    Michael tutors in the Writing, Editing, and Publishing postgraduate program at The University of Queensland, and is a graduate of the program. He also tutors in the undergraduate course Writing: Grammar, Syntax, and Style. He interned on the Australian Journal of Communication, freelances as an academic and corporate editor, and is currently the Meetings Secretary for the Society of Editors (QLD). Michael earned an MSc from the University of Toronto (Canada) in 1989 and spent many years working as an industrial research chemist. He is the co-author of a number of scientific articles published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry and the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
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